A Simple Google Search Can Save You Big Money


A Simple Google Search Can Save You Big Money

Ok, I am doing this post because the holiday season is upon us, and it reminded me of a useful tip (I use, and was taught a few years back) that can help web surfers save big bucks. Plus, we can all use a little reminder now and again. There may also be some readers out there that are new to this blog, and the information provided.

When I was renewing some domains this morning, during the checkout process I was asked if I had a “coupon code”, but I didn’t for this specific registrar. So I did a simple Google search (for this example I will use Go Daddy) – Go Daddy Promo Code, and was flooded with a ton of results of “Promo Codes” that I could sift through, and find the best deal, apply the code, and of course save a ton of money. Some of the promo, or coupon codes (as they are called) I found were significant savings, even up to 75% off. Think about it, if you are paying $100 bucks to register a domain name for 9 years, and you save 75% because of a code you found from a Google search, then that is a savings of $75 bucks! I am sure during this holiday season you can find another use for that $75, right?

The thing thats cool about this method is you can find promo, and coupon codes for almost anything you shop for online, just by doing this simple Google search. It does not even have to be the holiday season to use this method, because I do this year round on almost everything I buy online. You can use it for goods, services and almost anything you pay for online.

Heres how I would suggest doing it – If you are purchasing something online, and they give you an opportunity to put in a coupon code, rather then just skipping it because you do not have one – search for it on Google! Once you get the list of results, keep them open because you may have to refer to the list several times. When you are back in the shopping cart area (or checkout area) you may have to apply several different codes you find, because some may be old, expired or no longer in use. This really does work though, and I have fond a coupon code for every single website that I have purchased from this holiday season!

This is also a good reminder for you Internet business owners selling products online that promo and coupon codes do work. Even if people are using this tip against your business, you are still making money. If I normally make a profit of $100 on a product, but I can sell more to the deal seekers because of a 50% off coupon, and only make $50 on that product, I would still rather make $50, then nothing with these kind of “deal seeking shoppers”. You will end up selling more, and making more in the long run. At least thats what I have found!


  • http://www.97thfloor.com Chris Bennett

    Yes this is true, I can’t tell you all how many times I told Mat I was going to get something, and then he sends me a link to a Google query with some sweet discount. Especially with tech stuff.

  • http://www.everydayfinance.blogspot.com Dan at Everydayfinance

    I just came across the craziest list with dozens of codes for major retailers. Posted at Everyday Finance, feel free to pop in, wanted to share.

  • http://www.97thfloor.com Chris Bennett


    If you are going to say, “I Just Came Across…..Posted at Everyday Finance” then don’t say your name is everydayfinance with link to everydayfinance.blogspot.com.

    I got no problems with you saying, “I own a site that shows discounts here is the url.” No need to hide.

  • http://www.couponheaven.com/ Sheila B

    This is such a great tip, and it seems as though more and more people are shopping online and saving money with coupon codes.

    We have a list of eight exclusive coupon codes for Godaddy.com at: http://www.couponheaven.com/merchant.cfm/godaddy – I hope you’ll check us out!

  • http://www.seoline.de Suchmaschinenoptimierung

    Thank you for your interesting Tip. The most people in Europe don´t know this. I know what i have to do: a litte christmas gifts for some webmaster.

  • http://www.inkedweb.com Dragoljub Profirovic

    Thank you for the tip Mat. I find that GoDaddy’s promotions often leave out the little guy making micro purchases – like one domain at a time. So even though all the podcasts I listen to have special promo codes for GoDaddy none match up with my needs at the time.

  • http://www.elgincomputerguy.com Elgin Computer Guy

    Funny! I did the same thing recently when I needed some printing done with VistaPrint.com