ANNOUNCING NEW TOOL: Social Media for Firefox Extension!


ANNOUNCING NEW TOOL: Social Media for Firefox Extension!

Over the summer we have been building some sweet tools to help us save time while finding good content to submit to social sites. It can take a lot of time out of your day to find really good content that would be suitable for the audiences of Digg, Reddit, SU and others. So we developed a tool that does just that for you.

It is called Social Media for Firefox it is a status bar extension and you can read the FULL DETAILS HERE.

After downloading it and testing it out please comeback to this post and leave us feedback or comments.

Thanks to Cameron Olthuis for testing it with us and Modern Blue Web Design for programming and design


42 Responses to “ANNOUNCING NEW TOOL: Social Media for Firefox Extension!”

  1. Glen Allsopp says:

    Awesome work guys, I’m trying it out now

    Will leave another comment once ive tested it

  2. Glen Allsopp says:

    Everything on the first page that says it hadn’t been submitted to Stumble already has been submitted.

    • Glen,

      Thanks for the quick feedback unfortunately Stumble is the only one that doesn’t have an api so it will be a little weird from time to time. Also usually everything on the front page gets Stumbled before it hits popular, in my experience. Try and look at up and coming pop you should find some gems.

  3. Glen Allsopp says:

    Seems like the same problem with reddit submissions aswell

    The digg part on reddit works fine though

  4. chiro says:

    I wonder what is coming next from the 97thfloor labs. This tool is really sick. It is saving me so much freaking time!

  5. Jane says:

    Finally, a useful, quick social media tool! I love it.

  6. Kanwal says:

    Give ability to only launch each window in a new tab instead of a new window

    Also having the ability to submit from here would be great also. Ex. I visit a page and notice that Delicious has 100 bookmarks but it has not been submitted to DIGG. Having the ability to publish the information would be great.

    • Kanwal,

      thanks for the comments I think a new tab will be better as well. Also if you are on the actual page you can hit the buttons at the bottom and it will take you to the submit info. We are working on making that available when scanning stories on the actual social sites.

  7. Lief Moki says:

    Very nice, but I never install a firefox add-on without checking the code. Can you tellme the purpose of this snippet of code in startup.js?
    ‘’ +
    “?url=” + encodeURIComponent(content.document.location) +

    • Lief,

      We save errors in a DB. We don’t save any personal info such as usernames or anything related to that. With Reddit and SU not having API’s we can get some errors. has been giving us trouble and now we know what it is. That is all that is.

  8. Steven Logan says:

    Can’t install on Mac, comes up with an error :-(

  9. Tad Chef says:

    Can’t install it on FF 1.5 WinXP: Invalid file hash :-(

  10. Zia says:

    I love it!

    I have posted a review on my blog!

    By the way, I do not know if it is a bug but icon on the status bar does not appear to be active?

  11. Susanne Gardenier says:

    Uh, perhaps it is my faulty English, but I fail to see the value of this tool?

    If even a hundred people download and use it then there shall shortly be no fish in the ocean.

    Also, in what way does this increase the utility of the social networking sites?


  12. Faris says:

    Great tool guys. Thanks for making it public.

  13. Sujan Patel says:

    This is awesome extention. its going to ssve me so much time everyday

  14. engtech says:

    It looks like the chrome integration of the extension breaks popups on a lot of sites.

    Leave a comment on any blog to see how the popup breaks.

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  16. Mikey says:

    Great Work, I will give it a go!

  17. scott says:

    Came across the digg and decided to download it. I mus say that the tool is a time saver! I am always looking to increase my social media accounts and this tool is making that process very easy to check what urls are in the big social sites. thanks 97th.

  18. Right click on Manual and it will give you the option.

  19. Dave says:

    I only use Digg and SU… Can we have the option to only show networks I actually use versus all of them? (Save space)

  20. You forgot to add the feature that lets people actually submit something original.

    That’s the killer feature, not Social Media scraping.

    That’s the reason I don’t use Digg but use StumbleUpon, Clipmarks and the official Yahoo! Add-On — because there’s a tool to add stuff right from the web page I’m on.

    Do that and then you’ve got yourselves a killer Add-On.

    Right now, all you’ve got is something that let’s people fast-track Social Networking.

    The kind of thing comment spammers, link-baiters and gamers will luv…

    • Wayne,

      It works on any web page you go to. If you go to a brand new “original content” blog post it will let you know if it has been submitted, so you can be the first to submit the clean, non scraped piece of content.

  21. Hi Chris and thanks for the prompt response!

    Now you have me interested. But I’m still concerned about the misuse of something like this.

    Is that something you’ve given any thought to?

    • Wayne,

      Yeah we have, If anyone is going to misuse it, they were probably already doing something similar through RSS or something else. Maybe I am giving people too much credit, but I don’t think the tool created anyone with ill intent.

  22. I know there’s software that can be bought to auto-submit to the the Social Media websites, which sort of leaves me a little torn, in terms of how I feel towards such things.

    “Maybe I am giving people too much credit,…”

    Maybe, but I can’t quite think of a way around the misuse issue right now.

    But that’s more an artifact of the fundamental weakness of Social Media — poor personal profile management and a lack of accountability.

    To limit the scope of an idea because of the potential bad it might create is to limit the scope of the good it might bring through with it, also…

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  24. Hey guys, nice tool. I just wanted to report however that isn’t working. At least not for me, and it’s been that way for quiet quite a while. It just endlessly tries to fetch the number, just never does.

    I do have the delicious add-on so perhaps it conflicts with yours somehow?


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  26. mediamonster says:

    this is a promising tool – what a great idea. for some reason, though, the reddit and delicious tools aren’t pulling in accurately. They read at zero when there are many voters.

  27. Mediamonster,

    Yeah Reddit currently changed somethings we need to tweak, and has the worst API known to man and has been a pain.

    Most of the time if you click on it, it will open up and show the votes, but we are working on the bug.

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  30. clem says:

    what about Mixx?

  31. Ajay says:

    It fails to install on FF3 Beta3,

    Also does the extension allow voting down on reddit?

  32. Dan says:

    Any plans to make it compatible with Firefox 3?

  33. Please make this thing compatible with firefox 3! I just downloaded the new browser today and it doesn’t work with the social media extension, which is the most useful extension I have. The extension rocks – keep up the good work.

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