E-Tourism Summit Pictures


E-Tourism Summit Pictures

Just wanted to share some pictures with everyone from our recent speaking trip at the E-Tourism Summit in San Fran. The picture I took of the city at night is probably one of the coolest pictures I have ever taken in my life.

Chris Bennett speaking at e-tourism summit on reputation management

All Chris needs is laser beams coming out of his eyes to make this picture better! I am no photoshop hacker though … (sadly)
trolly ride

This picture is the walk of death we had to climb everyday just to get to the hotel we were speaking at. I am out of shape bad!
walk of deathShot out the window from our hotel room in the morning.
day shot

This is the same view at night. This is probably one of the coolest pictures I have ever taken!

san fran


  • Lisa Herbik


    Since you took such an awesome picture, why don’t you let me make it into a custom wall mural for you?

    (you taught me about SMO last summer and I am doing well!–I tune in to your stuff quite a bit.

    Love your brain!