Notes: Chris Bennett on Reputation Management (E-Tourism Summit)


Notes: Chris Bennett on Reputation Management (E-Tourism Summit)

These are ruff notes from my Presentation on Reputation Management last week at the E-Tourism Summit. Everyone was asking me to post them I think especially for the list of social sites to use as I tend to talk fast.

Reputation Management is the Future of Branding. Everyone uses the search engines in order to find out information about a product, company or individual. Google is becoming a reputation creator/verifier.

Securing the top 10, more importantly the top 5 results of your brand search are becoming more important than ever. When people research you in the search engines they will notice negative Titles and Descriptions ranking below you, they will often visit them prior to your website.

Proactive Rep Management a Good Offense is the Best Defense

1. Keep it off line, kiss butt, beg, apologize, do whatever you have to in order to keep your dirty laundry off line. It takes 5 mins to set up a blog and post something, and your cost to silence that piece of content will go up considerably after it goes online.

2. Own your name, every .com, .org, .net and, etc…

3. Social Profile Pages can be good to help fill the top spots with pages referring to you: Squidoo, Stumbleupon, Newsvine, Delicious, Yahoo 360, Mashable, Claimid, Blogger, Twitter, Mybloglog, Amazon profiles, Ezinearticles, Blog Catolog, Naymz, Zoominfo, Myspace and Facebook, Wikipedia, and Forums.

4. Use What you have: Subdomains, Blog About Us, PPC

5. Use your key terms in the titles of press releases or other PR. Prnewswire and businesswire will rank for your name if you mention it in the Title.


1. First put out the fire, respond in the comments of the blogger flaming you, respond on your blog to the allocations, kill the story before it spreads. Be the first to see the story. Make amends, a refund to that client will cost a lot less then hiring an SEO firm to suppress the page.

2. Set up Tracking for your branded searches, IE brands, products, employees,

Use Serph, RSS, Google Alerts, Yahoo Alerts, Ice Rocket,, Rollyo this will aggregate ROR and other sites that don’t offer rss.

3. email or call the blogger and ask them to take it down, you would be surprised how often this works.

4. If it is ranking in Google you may need to pull out the big guns, if so you can rent pages at sites like Presalepageman, sometimes you have to fight fire with fire ie:Trust, links and lots of content. Match keyword counts.

5. Rent Blog posts through Payperpost, Review Me, and other outlets

6. Good viral campaigns can work wonders for Reputation Management. When blogs mention your viral piece, or tool they will often mention your Brand in the Title tag and the Copy. *this has been a very good tool when going after stubborn pages.

For additional Info Check our Previous Blog Posts on the subject and Andy Beals Beginners Guide


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  1. Kenneth LaCoille says:

    Chris Bennett lists some very important keys. If you have never had your reputation smeared in life or on line you let me tell you that you can’t imagine the damage that will happen. Because todays society is negative driven people tend to remember the negative things more than positive things. I guess my question is if it’s not true is there any legal course that can be taken?

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