Proof You Can Gain Additional Rankings And Build Relevant Links With Google News


Proof You Can Gain Additional Rankings And Build Relevant Links With Google News

I did a post about Google News (and link building) a while back on YouMoz (SEOMoz) that quickly became one of their most popular blog posts with loads of comments back when they first launched. I was surprised to not see more SEO’s talking about Google News, or loving it as much as I do for finding powerful links that are very targeted and relevant. I have been doing case study after case study and have perfected what I wrote about back then. I wanted to share with all the updated information that I think is beneficial for all those trying to do a better job building relevant links.

I am not a big fan of press sites like PR Web, PR Newswire or PR Leap for the “SEO- Factor”, but rather for the exposure. However; I am a fan of getting my press release (or article) to the most targeted “Press” sites possible so they do the most good link wise.

Finding a powerful, relevant link inside a press site that was created for my niche is going to give me additional link juice and rankings that will help my bottom line. In turn I will get more traffic due to additional rankings, make more sales, and experience a higher conversion rate because of the targeted press.

Here is how it all works:

Go to Google News and type in a keyword that is the most targeted keyword for your site; Make sure you are using the “Search News” (see picture below)

Google News for Relevant Links

Once you get a list of results that have made it on Google News you will start to see what I am talking about. Start paying attention to the targeted press sites that are related to what you are doing on your website.

I tested this on a site selling memory foam mattresses. I went to Google News, typed in memory foam mattress and got an amazing list of targeted press sites likes product review sites, home textiles sites, furniture today news sites and so on that would be perfect for link building. I ended up submitting the press to a “product review” site that was ranking fairly high on Google News. All I did was find the place on their website to submit, or just contact them directly and asked them to accept my release. They did the very same day I submitted it, and just like that I had a very targeted relevant link on a site that was already showing up, and ranking on Google News. I also tried Digital Signature as well as Find a Doctor.

The links alone you gain would be worth it because of how targetd they are, but I want you to see an additional “bonus”. In the picture below pay attention to the very first result when memory foam mattress is typed in. It is the product review site that I submitted the press release to and has been in this spot (at time of posting this article) for almost a month in the #1 spot.

google news case study

What does this teach us? Finding relevant links that are targeted to your business are not as hard as you might think. Google is giving up the tools to use (as well as other major search engines), we just need to take advantage of them.


  • JGar

    Awesome post. In the SEO world, we get so worked up about gaining links for rankings, we forget the real reason we should be getting links; traffic. Rankings are just a means to get us to those ends.

    • Mat Siltala

      Very true, the more targeted the traffic the higher conversion rate and the more money is made!

  • Steaprok

    Great Post Matt! I had to Sphinn it. Thanks for such an informative post.

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  • Ranjani

    Nice post!Thanks for sharing this post with us all!I am bookmarking this:)

  • Tom Trush

    Excellent idea, Mat. Thank you for sharing this great tip.

  • Innerclick

    Bingo the light is on
    I was looking for different ways to build ranking.Thanks for the info

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  • ximplix

    nice post i think, thanks for sharing with us. it’s so helpful

  • Seo Design Solutions

    Hi Matt:

    I constantly studying and executing link building tactics for SEO and that method is an interesting hybrid or article marketing, SEO and website authority all working holistically to enhance the click through rate of your digital salesman (press release, brilliant SEO strategy. Relevance is the key.

  • Ashley

    Im glad I stumbled onto your blog this truly great, many thanks

  • Michae;

    Can you give us an example of what you said in that email, when you suggested them the story please ?

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