Toyota Needs a New SEO


Toyota Needs a New SEO

2008 Toyota SequoiaYou may not think the following is a big deal, as I won’t be talking about top 10 rankings, but the number one spot, but when you are a company as large as Toyota and you don’t rank number one for specific car searches, there is a problem in my opinion. If I was over web/marketing at Toyota I would not be pleased. *Im sure this is a timley post and in a month or two this will no longer be the case, but none the less I think it is a big deal.

Do the Following Searches in Google:

2008 Toyota Sequoia

2008 Toyota Land Cruiser

2008 Lexus 570

2008 Lexus lx470

2008 Toyota Tundra (this one is blew my mind with all the attention it is getting)

*there are plenty more

Like I said in about a month or so this shouldn’t be the case, hopefully it isn’t but the Tundra has been around for a long time and it still isn’t number one. (Currently #3) You will see the same 5,6 sites poaching the traffic on alls searches, Edmunds, How Stuff Works, Auto Blog, etc…

I remember hearing the same thing about AT&T and Cingular getting criticism on the iPhone cause of the same thing happening in Google results.

This brand poaching would not be hard to beat. Most of these companies put out press releases on partnerships or on future products or vehicles, all they would need to do is put that press release on what will soon become the dedicated page for that product and throw some links to it from their homepage or another high profile page. Optimize the Title Tag to say something like,
“2008 Toyota Tundra Press Release” then after the product is public and ready for sale, switch the content with the new fresh content, and take “Press Release” out of the title tag.

I don’t understand why Companies haven’t figured this out. Google wants to rank you number one, if you create the product or service, it will not be difficult to rank. I would think that ranking for your brands, products and other proprietary info should be at the top of the list of the marketing team.

I can see an exception if companies don’t want to officially say they are launching a certain product or partnership, you don’t need to rank for 2015 Toyota Tundra right now, but if you have gone as far as to publicly release the information via Press Release, etc.. and there is no doubt as to whether you will be following through on the product, then throw up and page and get it number one, before everyone else does.

* I was logged out of personal, I checked multiple data centers, and like I said in a month or so hopefully this post isn’t relevant anymore. But you may see varied results.

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  • Glen Allsopp

    I’ll let them know

  • Glen Allsopp

    Sorry, not sure what happened to the rest of my last comment.

  • Seo Blog

    That’s because Toyota or other big companies who do not rely their product sales on the Internet are not concerned about promotion. I am an employee of Toyota and I didn’t heard about online promotion of products…

    • keamkeam

      You see that’s straight bull%^#$, cause I am a Toyota SEO Translator in the headquarter in Brussels, and we work hard to straighten the situation

  • Nate Moller

    Looks like they took your advice. As of today, 11/29/2007, the 2008 Toyota Tundra search finds at #1 in natural search.

    It is funny how big companies, at least a lot of them, seem to disregard natural search as if it’s a waist of time or something. I learned from Mat that when you type in Coca Cola in Google, the #4 or #5 spot is an anti Coca Cola website. You’d think they’d be more concerned with their brand management.

    • Raden – Seo Blog

      Toyota only relies on their local distributors. They usually don’t give so much concern about direct advertising.

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  • sho’fr

    well, Lexus might want to make a s sitemap XML file for starters ( and both toyota and lexus need to do something about their lack of robots.txt files. Don’t they realize this stuff is critical to maintaining their brand?

    Seo Blog says Toyota doesnt rely on product sales via the internet, but this isn’t about sales. what happens when I land on a non-toyota page that gives me misinformation about a vehicle that sways my buying decision? Even worse, what if I read 3 or 4 negative reviews because it was so easy to push them down in the ranks?

    Toyota and Lexus might want to give this article a once over:

  • Catfish

    It’s been my experience that many of these larger companies do have existing infrastructures that account for someone needing to take ownership of SEO. Often times in our proposals (we deal with enterprise level clients including Fortune 500) we have to make the case for SEO as many of the shareholders of the Internet Marketing departments of these corporations still don’t even recoginize the value or potential value of SEO. I believe the next couple of years will see a much bigger emphasis on SEO from these kinds of companies.

    • Chris Bennett


      I totally agree, once we get out big clients to let seo go past all the red tape, and they see the results it changes everything, we become the priority.

  • Mike Standing

    You are right. I believe the international companies might still do not know how having a powerful online presence can be important to their sales.

    They might still like to stick to the usual TV commercials.