Update or Glitch? Pinterest as we know it is in Jeopardy


Update or Glitch? Pinterest as we know it is in Jeopardy

If it’s not broke, don’t fix it.

That was the case with the last Pinterest popularity algorithm. It was of elegant and fair design that prevented spam as well as promoted new content. Probably the most important factor in the old algorithm was the chance for ANY user to show up at the top of a specific category page. This is vital because it gave regular users a chance to have their unique content promoted and seen before thousands of eyes.

However with this new Pinterest update that is no more. In what seems like a glitch more than anything, the brains behind Pinterest have decided to flood the category pages with content that is, at some times, up to a year old.

Let’s just hope this is a simple glitch because if it’s not, Pinterest as we know it has just died.

I first noticed that the category pages were not populating correctly earlier this morning. After dropping my girlfriend off at the airport at 5AM, I was able to pin several new pieces of content with no problem. However, around 11AM EST, I began to notice that no content of mine was showing up in any category pages.

Puzzled, I began testing several pinning methods that I thought would alleviate the problem and get my content to the top of the category pages again. After trying uploading directly, several proxies, making new accounts, using URL shortners, rehosting the image, and even pinning images I had JUST created . . . none of the images were to be found. I have tested every possible method under the sun to understand this new update, however, one thing is apparent : they’re giving preference to age. In a social age when new and unique content is what drive’s the internet, this could possibly cause a mass exodus from Pinterest similar to Digg in 2009.

Successful networks are the ones that give new content a chance.

Right now if you’re a new Pinterest user that has very little following, I’m sorry. This glitch (or update) has eliminated any possibility that your content will be seen as well as the chance of you gaining followers. Right now if a new user uploads any content it is likely that it will be seen by only a handful of users, if at all. The category pages acted as a springboard for unique content to make it to the popular page. It made Pinterest a level playing field for all, not just the Pinterest juggernauts that automatically get 2.9 million followers when any users signs up. Even accounts with several thousands of followers will not be able to compete with the 10-12 powerhouses on Pinterest. In the coming days expect the only visible content on the popular boards to be coming from these sources.

Is this fair?

Absolutely not, which is why I’m hoping it’s a mistake. Every user on any network deserves a chance for their voice to be heard. Reddit has its “new” page so users can vote on content that has been submitted within seconds.

Like Reddit, the old Pinterest allowed for every piece of content (barring a few exceptions) to be voted on in the category pages by all the users. The good content would rise to the top while the bad content would disappear into the internet abyss. It’s simple, fair, and it allows the USERS to decide what they want to see make it to the popular page of THEIR network.

Social networks aren’t built in backrooms and from tricky algorithms. They’re built by the voice of the community and allowing for each of those users to feel like they’re a part of something.

In conclusion this could all be a minor glitch. However if it’s not then it is time to let your voices be heard. Speak out against this change and let the creators of Pinterest know that the 10 million+ users joining every month deserve a chance.

So here it is . . . a new direction for Pinterest. I think it’s absolutely detrimental to the site, but we’d love to hear what you think by commenting below.


  • http://www.chrisfaron.com/blog/ Chris Faron

    You are right everyone should have a chance with their great shots. Maybe it’s a anti-spam measure

  • http://www.pinnablebusiness.com Janet Thaeler

    I hope that this isn’t true. I did some tests and from what I can see it’s a mix of ages. I saw some that were just barely pinned and some that were older. I need to look closer, but thanks for the heads up.

  • http://www.askmikethecounselor2.com Mike Loganq

    Hi Colby,
    Certainly disappointing. Going to go make my voice heard. Thanks for the heads up. Mike

  • http://afmarcom.com Angelique

    I tested this last night when I read your article, and it was true then. Is it still happening? And does Pinterest have any explanation?

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  • chair

    yeah i noticed this straightaway yesterday, as my first pin of the day didn’t receive the usual attention.

    Seems like another anti spam measure.

    any ideas of how we are going to get more followers, now that we aren’t going to be seen in the category pages ?

  • Alison Gilbert

    I have been writing since last week about the scandal about Pinterest’s Terms of Use as well as the fact that major corporations pay top pinners to include their merchandise. No one in the group has responded to that . I cannot understand. Serious accusations are involved. Now there is another major issue.
    I have not pinned in days and I am not sure what I will do. I am very disappointed in what I am readying and hearing.

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  • http://totalpinterest.com Matt Collins

    It seems this was a temporary glitch. I’m certainly seeing new content now.

  • http://Lesa-s.blogspot.com Lesa Moore

    I click on pinterest to open it up and it shows that it is downloading pics that I have pinned, but nothing is showing up. This is so frustrating. Is this part of the glitch you were talking about? I really would like it fixed.

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