Viral Marketing Ideas and Infographics for Valentines Day


Viral Marketing Ideas and Infographics for Valentines Day

We have had tremendous success over the last couple years in creating and marketing viral articles and especially infographics for our clients. There is always a unique opportunity to do something viral when a holiday or major event is approaching and currently we don’t have any clients that would fit the bill of Valentines Day. So I wanted to outline some viral and infographic ideas that any of you can use if you have a site that is related to the Holiday.

Valentines FlowersThe Meaning Behind Flowers [Infgraphic] – This would be a graphically driven chart showing all the major types of flowers and roses and break down what each of them mean. How Red Roses means something completely different from White Roses etc… Something a guy could bookmark as a resource to rely on when getting flowers. Maybe an alternate title idea could be, “The Mans Cheat Sheet to Flowers.” Something like this would do extremely well for traffic due to the holiday approaching, but would also get a lot of links and bookmarks for future reference.

Bulk CandyCandy Consumption Statistics [Infographic] – this would be a graphic showing what percentages of women like what types of candy. Dark vs. Milk Chocolate, Sweets vs. Tart, etc… with some hard facts behind it. Also could list some specific candies that are favorites in each category.

TiffanyAge Old Meanings Behind Jewelry [Infographic] – This would be similar to the first example with flowers but about jewelry. Pearls vs. Diamonds, Platinum vs. Gold or Silver. Earrings vs. necklaces. All the information a man could want to be able to make the right decision for his women.
*there are many article (not infographic) spin offs to this one like, “Affordable Jewelry that will Blow Her Mind.”

Date Ideas – There is a million articles that would fit under this like “101 (Valentines) Dates on the Cheap” or “Calling all Ballers: Expensive Dates That Will Seal The Deal.” You can also do an article about creative dates that have been done or creative marriage proposals etc… A lot of this has been done before so get creative.

PresentGift ideas– This is the same as Date Ideas. Cheap, expensive, thoughtful etc… there are all kinds of opportunities here. But if you want to really get some solid viral legs you will have to be unique as these types of lists and articles have been done over and over. You can do Tech Gift ideas, or Sports or really anything. If you have a site that offers products to men or women you can spin them to fit this one.

statsValentines Day Stats That Will Hurt Your Heart – If you were more of the cynical blog or site and wanted to cause some controversy during Valentines Day you could create an infographic showing how much money is wasted spent on Valentines among children, adults, jewelry candy etc.. how much companies make, how much is wasted and so on. If you were a financial site you could take this and not run with the cynical angle but just do a piece about the stats behind the commercialism of Valentines Day and how much money is spent, on what and where and maybe some geo data too, like what cities states spend more.

If any of you have a site that could benefit from some viral traffic and links during Valentines Day take these and run with them. I would love to have you comment or email if you see positive results. Like I said we don’t have any clients right now that would fit this and I wanted to at least write em down and do something similar to our old Viral Marketing Friday Posts.


  • Detektei Frankfurt

    I hate valentines day!

  • Reno SEO

    Singles Awareness Day

  • G13 Advertising

    Doesn’t every man dread Valentine’s Day.. lol

  • G13 Advertising

    Every man dreads Valentine’s day, especially in the recession.

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    good tips, can you explain more chanels of posting our blogs or websites

  • Provo Chiropractor

    I heard of someone doing a research study on the waste of a gift exchange at Christmas time. I wonder if the same thing would apply about valentines day (economic loss on the market). I am curious about the candy consumption statistics though. That would make a great post.

  • SEOWebHelp

    Great ideas!
    Something there for everyone — from those who are celebrating V-day with their significant others to those who are celebrating Singles Awareness Day.
    -Great ideas for this economy with the gifts and dates. :-)

  • Mike

    Yeah lots of ideas for Valentines articles, I think an interesting idea, for next Valentines, are the worst things that could happen on Valentines, and things to avoid.

  • Ange

    It’s the thought that counts – that’s why you should be thinking about diamonds…

  • Duran SEO

    i never understand viral marketing campaigns. sometimes it seems to me as if when they publish a big story in the news about this years most successful viral marketing campaigns,

    i think its just a scheme of the big public relations and interactive firms to convince people to keep spending their money.

    Nothing personal of course but i do believe that a viral campaign will bring mostly brand awareness and less sales.

    people sit with their credit card on Google !

  • Brian Porter

    Thanks for the marketing tips. I agree that graphics and a good title will help draw people in, but you also need the know how and connections to get the article posted to the right websites.

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    great idea to promote around valentines day

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    Nice thought. Good ideas for this economy.