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9mm Ammo

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9mm Ammo is an online supplier of high-quality firearm ammunition. Selling ammunition online can be difficult, particularly when your brand name (“9mm Ammo”) is also a main-target keyword for every other ammunition supplier on the internet. That’s some serious competition for a small business. And it would require some serious SEO optimization and top-quality branded content to make it happen, which is exactly what 97th Floor did.



97th Floor created a strategy to help 9mm Ammo push past the politics and generate significant customer interest. This strategy included:

    • In-depth competitive research
    • Target market research
    • Design and content creation


The research indicated that a large segment of 9mm Ammo's audience were also avid watchers of AMC’s popular zombie-survivor drama, The Walking Dead.


97th Floor decided to build a fresh, entertaining piece of content aimed at capturing these overlapping interests. And that's exactly what they did with “The Walking Dead: Guns & Ammunition” infographic. It was sharable. It was fun. And it brought in traffic and authority to the 9mmAmmo.com site.


Within only 48 hours of the infographic going live, 9mm Ammo.com saw a 220,000-person spike in site visitors. This lead to a 36% increase in organic traffic overall, and a whopping 2,273% increase in referral traffic. As a direct result of 97th Floor's efforts, 9mm Ammo.com saw a 41% increase in revenue. 

Fun, relevant, and popular content helped 9mm Ammo increase their overall traffic and revenue and further revolutionize the ammunition buying process.