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Lawn Doctor

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Lawn Doctor is a company that has combined innovative technology with custom lawn-care solutions — all via locally managed franchises. As a franchised landscaping business, they are dependent upon the influx of customers that should coincide with the growing season.


Lawn Doctor approached 97th Floor because throughout the spring and into the summer, their site visitors were nowhere to be found. In fact, it wasn’t until the end of the peak season when their existing digital strategies finally started bearing some fruit… and late summer is a poor harvest time for landscaping businesses.


The prospect of facing another disappointing peak season wasn’t something they were excited about. What they needed was a way to improve their site, and they needed it before the start of spring.



97th Floor created a digital strategy to get Lawn Doctor’s website up and optimized for better traffic and conversions. The main components of this strategy included:


  • Visitor recording
  • Heat mapping
  • A/B testing
  • SEO optimization


97th Floor jumped in with local and national SEO tactics designed to improve Lawn Doctor site rankings for a wide range of keywords, both broad and specific. While waiting for those efforts to bloom, 97th Floor set to work on the pages themselves. Using research from visitor recordings, heat mapping, and A/B testing, 97th Floor began updating the site pages to take advantage of their new insights. From here, they watched to see how well their marketing efforts would grow in time for the peak season.


Before bringing on on 97th Floor, Lawn Doctor only had 1% of the SEO share of voice. Now they enjoy 15% of the SEO share of voice, outperforming their top competitors. Overall conversion rates increased by 147%, and organic conversions increased by 147% as well. In addition to these fantastic improvements, bounce rate dropped by 20%, which means that more qualified leads are now finding their way to the site. 

Lawn Doctor experienced their most profitable season to date, and are now outperforming even their most fierce competitors.