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Clean Origin

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Clean Origin wanted to increase Google organic traffic and subsequent e-commerce transactions. Clean Origin sells clean diamonds and their product is always unique and never duplicated. A traditional e-commerce SEO strategy with a small set of focus SEO page would not work. When a diamond is sold, the page goes down, making page equity extremely hard to build. This also caused crawlability issues which prevented Google from crawling and indexing the primary pages.



97th Floor began with technical audits which included a thorough examination of Clean Origin’s Google Search Console. These audits uncovered indexation irregularities that typically signal a crawling issue at hand. In order to improve Google’s ability to recognize these fixes and reward the site accordingly, 97th Floor ran a log file analysis. This ultimately identified a series of findings which would, once implemented, improve the site’s use of Google’s crawl budget, which typically improves sitewide rankings. 



Once the findings from our log file analysis were implemented, Clean Origin saw the following results in 30 days:

  • eCommerce transactions increased by 25.86%
  • eCommerce conversion rate increased by 18.95%
  • Google organic ecommerce revenue increased by 25%
Clean Origin saw immediate organic traffic and conversion increases as a result of the log file analysis we ran. This paved the way for more SEO work which lifted the site further.