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12 Tips To Make The Front Page of the “NEW” Digg (Humor…..Kind Of)

I am sure you have read or listened to the hoopla going on over at Digg, If you haven't to sum it up, Digg wants to even the playing field by tweaking the algorithm so that every submitter, not just users with a lot of active friends, can make the homepage. A lot of top users are seeing their stories die never hitting the front page with near or over 200 diggs while new users are hitting the front page with under 30 diggs. Last year in order to get to the front page you would sign up for the long haul, by digging and commenting others stories until you were noticed by enough users, then submitting quality content and watching how close you would get, then rinse and repeat (in a one sentence nut shell). This year you need to be more creative. No more using Digg for the social aspect, no more late night chats about the natural high you get when playing the game that is Digg. If you are like most up and coming "middle class Diggers" (Hat Tip to Reg) seeing your stories mysteriously buried at 18 diggs after an hour, or hitting 189 diggs in 7 hours with a super sweet timely submission only to watch it die at 210 then you may want to try these tips.

1.) New Account - First log out of digg, clear your cache, cookies etc. then reset your IP settings to get a new fresh IP. Then go sign up for a brand new account, "diggorama", "diggalicious", "diggorati" any of those could be a sweet user name (if anyone has those I apologize, I made those up just now).

2.) No Avatar - Do not add an avatar. An avatar that you use on other social sites is social. Remember, we need not to be social to succeed and adding an avatar is a sure sign of an "in for the long haul" digger. We are trying to look "Natural" here.

3.) LOLCats - Go digg some LOLCat stories there are plenty, make sure you don't digg any pages that are deep down, no up and coming, no up and coming all/most nothing that would make your account look like you know how to use digg. Stick to the front page and subsequent front page archives. You can get away with the Top Ten FP's in all topics widget on the right side.

4.) Submit - Now that you have dugg a dog licking a screen, an Anti Giuliani, and 250 Ron Paul Stories you are ready to submit. If you are having a hard time finding that great story first from a quality blog or trusted news source, go to a top diggers submission page, and grab a story that he has submitted that has 60 diggs in 3 hours and submit it with your account. Don't worry, the Digg Dupe engine will never catch it.

5.) Beg - Lastly since you can't get any diggs from friends, here are some tactics of scrounging up enough diggs to make the front page. Remember you only need 18-35 diggs so it can't be too hard.

6.) Cover Your Tracks - Clear Cache, Cookies etc., reset IP, create new user name then digg the story and rinse and repeat (this will also give you 35 "Quality" accounts to use for your next submit. Remember when you make the front page you will get a lot of fans and they will start to digg your stories and you will never make the front page again.

7.) Be a Good Neighbor - Knock on your neighbors houses and ask to use their computer real quick.

8.) Caffeine - Hit up every Starbucks or Cyber Cafe in your town, you could probably get it done in about 5 1/2 hours since you aren't a top user praying at 23 hours and 58 minutes

9.) You've Got Mail - Email your mom, dad, brothers, sisters, friends and everyone that doesn't know what digg is and tell them to sign up then digg your story, then send you their login to use for a later.

10.) RSS - this is actually probably the most realistic, dump all your friends on your old account or use that new account with no avatar, and set up RSS alerts for all your old friends and have them do the same for you, just don't comment on their submissions that would leave bread crumbs.

11.) Airports - Grab an Amex (to get rewards) and hit up every terminal in the airport

12.) Outsource - Use a Freelance site to hire some overseas diggs. Pay them 2 cents to digg your story. Actually since the Dollar is so crappy you may have to pay a lot more, but hey, you are trying to get the FP so that your blogspot sub domain will have a chance at the digg effect.

I am sure I could think of more, if you have any please leave them in the comments. If you don't believe the above read the comments of this story with a screen shot of a story going FP with 19 diggs. Maybe this is a way to get every digg user to have 5 accounts so that the investment banks can say we have 15 million registered users instead of 3 million or whatever it is.


Chris Bennett

Chris Bennett is the Founder and CEO of 97th Floor.

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