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2 Reasons Why I Will Continue to Use Propeller

I did not make much fuss blogging, or talking about Netscape turning into Propeller when it all went down a week or so ago. I know so many were talking about how this will be the end for the popular Netscape program, and predicting all kind of bad things. I just laughed them all off, just like everyone saying Digg was going to die about a year or so ago.

I think its a good time now, to talk about why I will continue to use Propeller. REASON ONE: If you keep a close eye on your SERPs and brand management you will notice how Propeller is already helping out with that. That alone should be reason enough to even just have an account with Propeller, right?

If you need more convincing, then how about this - REASON TWO: I had a client call me today and talk about how much they love the traffic they are getting from the new Propeller. Out of only hundreds of visits, they had received several qualified leads, and two of them have closed down for large amounts, making my client very, very, very happy. Most of my clients had enjoyed traffic from Netscape, and thought they were receiving new love from a "new" traffic source. They were surprised to learn of the switch!

These two reasons are good enough for me, even though I will continue to use Propeller for so many others. What are your thoughts about the new Netscape social network?

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