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5 Things I Am Thankful For

My daughter came home (from school) today with a list of 5 things she was thankful for, and was asked to share with someone at home, and have them share, and then ask someone as well. I thought it would be appropriate to post the 5 things I am most thankful for here, during this Thanksgiving season. I have never really done one of these kind of lists, but with my daughter asking me to share, I thought it the perfect opportunity to do so.

1. Family
2. Friends
3. To be a part of an industry, and working on stuff I actually love every single day!
4. That I live in this great country - USA.
5. Bill O'Reilly

I would love to hear about what other people are thankful for, (so feel free to comment), but I will ask my good bud Cameron to share with us his 5 things he is thankful for on his blog, and maybe we can get some holiday spirit going!

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