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97th Floor Announces New Growth Department Led by Shante Schroeder

The coming of a new year invites change and growth, and 97th Floor is prepared to do just that. This January, we will be adding a new Growth Department to help build our brand and increase our sphere of influence. The Growth Department will handle 97th Floor’s own marketing and communications. Additionally, it will be responsible for all revenue which includes new sales and renewals.

“Our brand has always been strong enough that we could grow year over year without a concerted content/social effort for ourselves,” says Chris Bennett, CEO of 97th Floor. “We have been lucky in that regard while we have been ‘the mechanic with the broken down car.’”

“Our focus was always on our clients, knowing that we would grow by just doing amazing work,” adds Wayne Sleight, 97th Floor’s COO. “That has worked out really well, but now we have the resources to invest in our own marketing.”

Heading up the Growth Department will be Shante Schroeder as 97th Floor’s Director of Growth.

Shante Schroeder Shante Schroeder

“Shante is just the person to strengthen and widen our voice by heading up our Growth team,” says Bennett. “She is going to take 97th Floor to a whole new level (pun intended). She is exactly what we need to reach more companies, share more knowledge, and build our brand.”

Schroeder has high expectations for the future. “It’s something new, with unlimited potential and the opportunity to grow all of 97th Floor on behalf of my colleagues. I already collaborate with an established team of the brightest and best professionals I’ve ever worked with, as well as clients and work that is engaging and exploratory on a daily basis. I’m additionally excited to work with them all in this new capacity.”

Schroeder plans to focus on quality growth of current policies, as well as introducing new, specific messages, and building up the structure already in place. “97th Floor is already doing it right,” she says. “This new department will aid in the refinement and expansion of what is working. There will be new introductions and changes, no doubt, and focused attention on seeking new opportunities. The focus in this regard, in resources and attention, will be the most positive and most changing.” She also emphasizes that she will be intent on services that will especially aid 97th Floor’s clients in growing their bottom lines.

“97th Floor is a premium brand with premium partnerships with premium clients,” she says. “What this new department will be charged with doing is expanding awareness of 97th Floor overall and growing its book of business with the right clients, establishing the right partnerships, and growing revenue in the right ways. The value is in the opportunities that are forged from growth and development—for everyone, from the newest 97th Floor employee to the newest client.”

Bill Giles

Bill is a Writer and Content Manager at 97th Floor.

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