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97th Floor Clients Happy in 07 and So Are We

In Dec. 06 I was telling just about everyone I knew in search and out of search that there was something in the air for business in 07. It seemed everyone I talked to in and out of the Internet was preparing to ramp up and dominate in the new year. We were no exception, every year I get excited for the next because I know as time goes on more and more companies will see the necessity to invest serious money in online marketing and branding. It seems 2007 is living up to its expectations.

97th Floor is receiving more leads daily than ever before, and we are now in the position we have planned for, which is to be able to pick and choose the companies and web sites we wan't to work with instead of being tempted to say yes to anyone that seemed feasible for the necessity of cash flow.

Last week we signed a very large and very prominent Fortune 100 company it is going to be a very positive relationship for both of us.

Overall the most exciting growth has come from our existing clients. The new client growth is very exciting as most of it is realizing the power of Internet marketing and thinking laterally and outside of the box. They all wan't two sites in the top of Google instead of just one. One of our newest clients has become good friends of ours and since mid Dec. when we started working with them we have gotten them two web sites in the top 5 mostly top 3 for their big keywords. Their leads have more than tripled daily and they wan't to ramp up until they own it all. They are in the franchise industry and they are now partnering with us to offer our services to all of their franchisee's as well. It is very exciting.

Another client came to us in late 06 from another firm whom they had been with for over a year and that firm had never gotten them closer to the top than number 9 on Google. Within weeks we had them sitting around 5's and now they are number 1-3 for every keyword and variation related to their business. Their account manager is very savvy when it comes to SEO (she is a dmoz editor) and they too are now working with us on pricing out new web sites and increased presence.

Another client that has also become good friends with us outside of business is a 200 million dollar company we do branding and reputation management for. They are one of our biggest clients and they have since met with us to talk about taking over their lead gen. They have many different web sites and marketing arms and the increase in spending on their part with us will rival the salary of a Plastic Surgeon in Beverly Hills. They also ask us on a weekly basis if they can invest in our company. How cool is that not only do they want to keep paying us to service them but they wan't to dish out more to invest in our future.

We are about to break through to the first page for one client that started with us not too long ago for a handful of words that all have over a billion results. One of them over 3 billion results, we are sitting on the second page ready to take it over.

Overall I too have a skip in my step as Jim does, and things couldn't be going better. We are looking at two new states to open up another office in, and we are building an awesome team.

The best part of it all for me is all of our clients are becoming friends, I talk with all of our clients openly and honestly and we shoot the breeze all the time. Some of our local clients have become our new lunch buddies and Im even planning on snow boarding with one of them before the season ends. It is great!

I hope this does not come off as bragging it isn't we have paid our dues and we are starting to see the goals we set come true. You can literally do anything you wan't I know that is so cliche and everyone says it and it is easier said than done, but you can. Think of all the people you know that are living the life you want to live, they are no more special than you. Realize what your faults are and surround yourself with people that have that as a strength. Prioritize for profitability and be a doer. Analyze the little things that are setting you back and change them. One of mine is at my previous job before I started 97th Floor I was a consultant and I was on the phone 7 hours a day, so I hate the phone. I hate it. I am a big time phone screener, I never answer if I don't have too, and I have realized by watching one of my successful friends that I need to change that as it prolongs my dealings with people. He always answers the phone when it rings, if he misses a call from an unknown number he calls it and asks for whoever was calling him, and to me that is crazy but it gets it done quickly. Whereas I get back to my office and have a list of numbers to call, and if they are not there at the time I just prolonged something a couple of hours or even a day. I always opt for email. It is usually tweaking the small things that will bring you big rewards, so sit down and be honest with yourself and make some changes. It can be uncomfortable but well worth it.

Is anyone else noticing a difference in 07?

Chris Bennett

Chris Bennett is the Founder and CEO of 97th Floor.

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