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A Look at Our Bookshelf: Books that Keep us Sharp at 97th Floor

Reading. It’s something you probably do every day. You read tweets, and emails, and Slack messages. But why do you read?

If you are like me, your main purpose for reading is to complete tasks and move projects forward. But do you ever read for other purposes? Do you intentionally read to gain new insights, learn new skills, and stay up to date? Do you read fantasy or science fiction to enter new worlds?

Whatever form your reading takes, I encourage you to do more of it. Not only is it refreshing; it will enhance your life and fill your mind with new and exciting ideas.

In this article I’ll address the following topics:

  • Some reasons to read
  • Some good reads that we’ve discovered at 97th Floor

1) Reasons to Read

Why you might read and reasons to make reading a bigger part of your life.

Why you might read:

To escape

You might enjoy getting lost in a science fiction or fantasy novel, or you might relax by reading up on the sports page or ESPN.com. Each person’s reading escape will be a bit different.

To gain new ideas and insights

Business books, insightful blog articles, and tweets from industry professionals can all be excellent sources of information.

To learn a new skill

Want to learn more about SEO? Read about it! What about investing? You can read about that too. No matter what you’re hoping to learn, there are books, blog posts, and how-to articles available to teach you.

Why you should read more:

Knowledge is power

How do you obtain knowledge? By consuming information, internalizing it, and then acting on it. One of the best ways to consume information is to read. The more you know—and the more you do with that knowledge—the more power you’ll have to make a difference in your own life and in the lives of others.

Successful people do a lot of it

One of the uniting factors of the world’s most successful people is their desire to learn. They crave and voraciously consume new ideas. Many are avid readers, thinkers, and innovators. They exercise and stretch their minds because they understand that the mind (just like the body) needs to be nourished in order to remain sharp and agile. They don’t do so out of any obligation, but rather out of a healthy desire that then grows into a hunger for knowledge. How do they keep their minds healthy? By constantly feeding them new and inspiring information.

Some of the world’s most successful people are avid readers. You have likely heard of Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, and Steve Jobs. All three of these men clearly have (or had) an appetite for a good book. In fact, here are some insightful articles that dive into the specific books that each of these men find (or found) insightful and enriching.

2) Good Reads: Books that Fuel Innovation at 97th Floor

At 97th Floor, we hold a monthly book club. The idea behind the book club is simply to read great books, come together to share insights, and then implement those insights in our work. Anyone in the company is invited to participate and even to suggest the monthly book. The company even goes so far as to provide each employee who wants to participate with a free copy of the book for that month.

Here are some of the great books we have read since I’ve been a part of 97th Floor:

  • The Experience Economy
      • In this book we learned about selling experiences. We have implemented some of the insights from this book to create a better experience for our clients.
  • Extreme Ownership
      • This book talks about the extreme ownership each Navy Seal must have over his or her specific role and responsibilities in order to ensure mission success. Through true stories from one of the most stressful jobs on the planet (a Navy Seal leader), the book taught us how to lead effectively and take extreme ownership over our individual responsibilities.
  • Managing your Day-to-Day
      • This was one of the first books I read at 97th Floor. It’s a simple book that has helped me structure my day in a way that allows me to be the most effective.
  • Good to Great
      • A companion book to Built to Last, this book explores trends found through research on great companies that have met certain strict criteria that evidences they are here to stay. From this book, we gleaned insights on what specifically we can do as a company to not just be good, but truly great.
  • Man’s Search For Meaning
    • This book was a heavy read, as it explores the horrors of life in a Nazi prison camp. From the book, we gained greater perspective and learned how to train our minds to remain positive and find meaning regardless of the circumstance. This is critical for success not just in agency life, but life in general.


A look at our whole bookshelf


97th Floor Bookshelf

Here are several titles you’ll find on our bookshelf at 97th Floor. You’ll notice they cover a very wide spectrum:

97th Floor Bookshelf List

Go Forth and Read!

You’ve seen a little glimpse of what we’re reading here at 97th Floor. Take some time to look through our list and consider picking up one of these books yourself. There are hundreds of books out there, and we’re constantly looking for new information to help us sharpen our skills. We hope you are doing the same.

What’s your favorite recent read and why?


Jake Hansen

Jake Hansen is an Enterprise Writer and Content Manager at 97th Floor. He works with companies across several industries to create content that aligns with their strategic marketing objectives. Jake has also worked as a marketer at 97th Floor.

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