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As most of my readers know I recently switched to MAC. I have been using PC's for the last 15 years and finally made the switch. I still am not looking back and actually love using computers again.

I wanted to share a pretty cool MAC messenger program I found called Adium.


adium logo

If you are aMAC user and still need to use MSN because of all your contacts, or if you are like me and use Yahoo, MSN and ICQ then you love this program. It combines them all! I know this is not the first program like this out there, but this is the absolute best one that I have ever used and found.

A few things I like about Adium:

  • Separated your chats (msn, yahoo etc. you know who is chatting with you much easier)
  • Themes - its open source so again - developers make this program amazing
  • Extras - there are cool things that the program can do because of ... again open source and developers
  • Sleek looking
  • Easy to use and set up accounts
  • If you have been using MSN (like I have for the last (almost) 10 years!) and want to keep using it, but you own a MAC, then you will want to download this program.

I love it and can't say enough about it. I would love to know of other chat programs that MAC users love and why they would not use Adium?

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