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An Agency’s Guide to GoToMeeting

A good marketer understands that proficiency in a platform means results, and a web conferencing platform is no different. And while there are dozens of tools out there that can be used to connect two or more parties over the phone, GoToMeeting has proven to be the tool of choice for many organizations.

It’s not surprising. After all, GoToMeeting has been around a long time, has a clear and recognizable name in the market, and (perhaps most importantly) many professionals are already familiar with it. Agencies that use GoToMeeting understand that it provides added value for clients to use a real, effective software, instead of a free, watered-down product. That said, it may be difficult for an agency to jump right into using it without a little guidance. As such, we’ve created this guide to help you get everything up and running.

Getting Started

As with any platform, before you can begin, you need to understand the basics (like knowing what to expect when you click the link to launch the meeting). Assuming you are the organizer and you are already signed into the GoToMeeting account, you will have launched the meeting at this point. From there you’ll join via your computer’s speakers and microphone, or be prompted to dial in with a phone with the credentials provided.

If you chose to call-in with a phone—which is useful when you have your entire team in one location to speak with a client—you’ll need three things:

  1. Unique GoToMeeting phone number (dials you into the meeting)
  2. Access code (allows you to enter the meeting)
  3. Audio pin (syncs the audio of your phone to the GoToMeeting app, which is helpful in identifying which call participant is speaking)

Getting started with GoToMeeting

The App & Control Panel

At it’s foundation, the most impressive feature GoToMeeting has to offer is the app. If you use GoToMeeting and don’t have the GoToMeeting desktop app downloaded, download the web app. There are loads of reasons to use the web app, but the best feature is how quickly you can launch a meeting when you have already gone through the process to download the GoToMeeting desktop app on your computer. This is especially useful if you have reoccurring meetings on a weekly basis with clients, as all you’ll be able to launch GoToMeeting with just a click of a button.

With the GoToMeeting app downloaded, you’ll also get the benefits of the desktop control panel. Trust me, you’ll want this open. The control panel makes it possible for you to do the following things:

  • Share your screen and give presenter abilities to others, which is helpful when reviewing reports or content
  • View the attendees currently on the meeting, providing a convenient way to see who is on the call, and enabling you to diagnose any audio issues that might arise
  • Send instant messages, which are useful when you need to share a quick URL so everyone on the call can view the subject in real time

The GoToMeeting control panel

These are just a few examples, but the truth is that if you are comfortable navigating the control panel, you’ll know exactly how to execute all of the features that GoToMeeting offers. Basically, if you own the control panel, you own the meeting.


Ask yourself, why are you on the phone with a client in the first place? In my experience, client calls are generally used to catch up on current initiatives, discuss content, review reports, etc. The problem with using the telephone for these tasks is that it can be extremely difficult to share certain data using just your voice. My solution? I share my screen.

One of the most underused features within GoToMeeting is screen sharing. This is especially surprising in the digital marketing industry since most of us claim to be ‘visual people.’ Well, it’s time to live up to that moniker. By taking advantage of the GoToMeeting screen-sharing feature, you’ll get the power to look at items with clients in real time. I find that this helps greenlight projects much more quickly. There are many use cases for a digital marketing team to screen share:

  • Review keyword research
  • Walkthrough a monthly report
  • Inspect content before it goes live

Let me make a quick suggestion. Before you start screen sharing, you may want to hide your bookmarks (command + shift + b, on a Mac in Chrome). Why? Well, if you’re in an agency, you may organize your bookmarks by client or task and it's better to just hide them before sharing a screen with a client. At least that’s my policy, I think most clients prefer me protecting their privacy from other clients.

GoToMeeting screen sharing

Another valuable asset GoToMeeting brings to client phone calls is the online recording ability. Not every call needs to be recorded, but in situations where it would be helpful to distribute the content of a call to a team or an executive who could not make the call time, recording is a good option. If you screen share during the call, you’ll be able to record the screen share and distribute in video format. Just make sure that you’re respecting the privacy of the others on the call—it’s always best practice to ask permission from everyone before pressing the record button.

Lastly, if you are meeting a client for the first time, it may be more appropriate to hold a video conference call. If you’re like me and feel like your looks are better suited for the radio, not the big screen, don’t sweat it; professionals understand that video conferencing is not for showing looks, but showing personality. Remember, it’s not weird unless you make it weird. You don’t need to video conference every time, but in situations like first meetings, it’s a nice feature.

Whether it’s GoToMeeting or another web conferencing service, agency professionals that are proficient with the tool will have stronger phone calls with clients. Stronger client phone calls means better working relationships, which means everyone is happy, both agency and client.

PJ Howland

PJ is the VP of Industry Insights at 97th Floor. He coordinates insights with others at 97th Floor to ensure we're all elevating each other through good content.

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