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Another reason I love Yahoo Publisher Ads. (and hate Google Adsense)

Another lame ass policy by the Google Adsense team on placing images near Google Ads. When I read this I was pretty much blown away and wonder how many stupid people are really out there because the way I see it Google Adsense team thinks a lot.

Who is not smart enough to figure out the difference between a Google Ad and an image? Who does not already just look past the ads on most every website we look at?

The new policy Google has set forth is preventing webmasters from placing images near the ads that would try to increase click through ratio. I can't even begin to explain my lack of words for DUH! Google is making too much money because they have teams that actually research this crap out and come up with these policies. Here is what I don't get - why the hell would they not want to increase the CTR (Google and the webmaster)? I really do not believe an image near an ad is going to make the click less valuable.

I think the ads are good to have on pages and serve their purpose (monetary purposes) but from my experience most people that click on the ads know what they are and want to learn more, just like when doing a search on Google when the sponsored ads come up on the right, or up top!

I will just keep using YPN and loving waking up in the morning!

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