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SEO Question: Can I Submit the Same Article to Multiple Directories?

Here is the question in full:

I have 50 articles written and ready to submit. I ran across the following suggestion to submit articles but I wasn't sure it was ok to do. Can i submit the same article to multiple directories? What are your thoughts?

What you need to understand is the article originated from somewhere, and where ever that article was posted at, and indexed first, they will get the credit for the unique content. With that stated I really do not feel it is going to hurt you to get your article posted on several different article submission directories (for several reasons below) as long as they allow the following:

  • Some-kind of link to your site (so in-case certain people use certain article directories over others you have more exposure and chance of people clicking on your website). So its a traffic thing, if you think you can get traffic from it, and you are not so worried about SEO, then do it - it could be a good thing!
  • Some will allow anchor text inside the article and some will not. The ones that will allow the anchor text be sure to anchor up some of your best keywords because that will help gain an edge over the articles that do not allow this.
  • Do they allow a "BIO" section? If they will allow you to put a signature in every article you post then you can make this area unique for each article posted and anchor up a different keyword, or link to a different deeper page of your website.
  • Do they give you a static URL that you can then promote, link to, pass page rank, and traffic to in other ways? (tag at del.icio.us, or save to Yahoo My Web for example)

For those that do not understand article submission and what it can really do, I would highly suggest you really examine what I have stated in these 4 bullet points (above). Most people submit articles because they heard (or read) from an SEO (or SEO blog) that it was a good thing to do. In reality they have no clue what it will do for them, and if done wrong, it really will do them no good for traffic or search engine rankings for that matter.

I can't tell you how many times I see a website owner submit an article to one of the article submission directories and I see that they really have no idea what they are doing. They do no use keywords in the article, they do not take advantage of "bio" sections for links and keywords, and some don't leave links (or URLS) at all for us to know more about the person writing the article. It really looks like a lot are doing it because they have been told, or read to do it. So, hopefully this helps give some that are struggling with article submission to get a better idea of how to take advantage of it, because it really can be a powerful venue for even the brand new(est) of Internet businesses.

Think about this; You may have a brand new site with no rankings on any search engines (you may not have even started the SEO Campaign) but there are ways to get instant traffic without having to pay for it with PPC and such. Articles submission is the way to go. You get a good title (some good link bait) and get some good content in that article and people will read it. From some article submission sites I have got up to 400 visitors a day for several weeks just by submitting a really good article. The more people that like that article link to it, and in turn help increase your websites search engine presence.

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