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How One B2B Marketing Company Increased Conversions by 400% in 6 Months

Lead-generation is a core component of a B2B marketing strategy. However, many businesses struggle to improve lead quality and quantity. Specifically, a survey from ActOn found 37% of SMBs struggle to convert web visitors into leads. While a low conversion rate can be caused by driving the wrong traffic to the site or by pursuing the wrong marketing strategy or having a poorly optimized page, many businesses will benefit most by building a more robust lead-gen strategy first.

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SMX London: 5 Google Analytics Hacks

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How to Optimize Your Content Marketing Strategy and Start Getting Measurable Results

Everyone is doing content marketing. At least, many businesses are going through the motions of content marketing. But many marketers, especially B2B marketers, struggle to produce a fully optimized content marketing strategy. Much of the blame lies on the marketing industry itself which loves to spout less than helpful generalities such as:

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10 (Possible) Explanations For Your Drop in Organic Web Traffic

Traffic fluctuations are a normal part of having an online presence. Most businesses will see traffic dip over a weekend or holiday or on any given day or week without a particularly good explanation. However, a sudden or steady decline in traffic should never be ignored as it is typically a symptom of one or more issues with the company‚Äôs web presence. This post describes 10 common explanations for a dip in organic traffic.

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5 Hacks to Get More Out of Google Analytics

Most digital marketers use Google Analytics on a daily basis. Sticking to the basic reporting keeps it manageable at first, but ultimately taking advantage of the full functionality and customizability of Google Analytics will make you more effective and efficient at your job. (monthly and quarterly reports, anyone?) These are five of my favorite hacks for getting more out of Google Analytics.

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