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Online Reputation Management (ORM)

Quick Wins For Organic Success

It is common for new clients to approach us at 97th Floor aspiring to make their website more relevant in search, and improve the visibility of their products and services to interested searchers. This is why SEO is synonymous with improving organic rankings for relevant search results. However, many people don’t connect SEO to ORM (Online Reputation Management), where many similar components of strategy are exercised.

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How to Find New Featured Snippet Opportunities

BrightEdge's Data Cube Captures Featured Snippet Opportunities From Competitors

As a marketer, I have researched many tools in an effort to find opportunities to rank in the featured snippet area in Google. For those unfamiliar with what this is, take a look at my previous post on how to optimize for featured snippets.  Most tools  do a great job of compiling keywords and filtering them by interrogative terms that are most popular in featured snippets, but only a few tools show all instances of featured snippets driven from competitor data. Bright Edge, in my opinion, is the best resource available for gathering the most opportunities for optimizing pages to rank in featured snippet positions. Chris Bennett, our CEO, just spoke at Share 16 about search intent. I will break down his featured snippet section in more depth below.

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Don’t Settle For #1: Optimize for Google’s Featured Snippets

From Quick Answers to the People Also Ask section, featured snippets have been at the top of numerous result pages and top of mind for many digital marketers and online businesses. First position in Google search is no longer adequate, especially when almost any competitor on the first page could qualify and leap multiple positions to snag the prime real estate above the first organic result. The result pages that have featured snippets tend to have two important elements, an entity and an attribute related to that entity. Here is a diagram Google used to explain the concept in their patent for

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Collaboration Is King

Having a successful digital marketing strategy can involve many different online marketing channels like social, email, referral, or organic. Many companies and teams establish strategies for each unique channel but they tend to be siloed. This can lead to decreases in productivity and cohesive campaigning. With so many different ways to drive business growth online, it’s very easy to drive wedges between departments and teams who ultimately share the same goals but take different paths to get there. At 97th Floor, we do our best to check ourselves and look for ways to reduce friction in innovation and driving results. We strive to maintain a collaborative environment to produce results and master our profession.

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Title Tag Optimization & Semantic Search

The way Google deciphers relevant content online to present to users is an ever evolving process. Title tags have always been at the forefront in Google’s algorithms for deciding the quality of a page as it relates to the query, and are still weighed heavily today. Optimizing a page’s title tag for a particular SERP used to be about the exclusive focus on keywords. Now there’s less focus on matching keywords and an increased focus on matching the intent of the user. Today both keyword research and contextual analysis are fundamental in optimizing your title tags.

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