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Struggling for Inspiration: When Writer’s Block Happens to Non-Writers

If you’ve ever stared at a computer as you waited for inspiration to strike, you likely know the frustration of having a mind as blank as the screen in front of you. It happens to the best of us. Within the writing world, this has been given the now common term of writer’s block. Ask any writer what writer’s block is like and they’re bound to tell you about the headaches that accompany it. Even more stressful are those times when writer’s block strikes while a deadline looms ever so close.

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What Marketers Should Know About Writers

Quality writing is essential for most marketing strategies to be successful. That means marketers and writers need to work together to carry out their plans. Of course, results can vary widely, and if the collaboration between writer and marketer is poor, chances are the campaign will suffer. Communication between the two sides is certainly important, but shoddy cooperation usually stems from a lack of understanding.

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Just a Simple Mistake? How a Typo Can Damage Your Reputation

Can a missing hyphen lead to a loss of tens of millions of dollars? It happened to NASA back in 1962. The space organization sent Mariner 1 to Venus to collect valuable data about our neighboring planet. The mission should have gone off without a hitch save for one mistake: the coding used to help the probe set its speed and trajectory was missing a hyphen. The result? Mariner 1 exploded only a few minutes after launch. $80 million were lost in an instant with nothing to show for it but flaming debris. A typo turned into a disaster.

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