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3 Ways To Update Your PPC Campaign Management Strategy

The platforms we PPC-ers use change constantly. Google and most other major advertising platforms are investing considerable resources into their software development, which means the software itself is going to behave differently. If these platforms are changing, so should our strategies. Here are the top three ways that I personally have had to adjust my PPC campaign management strategy to better take advantage of the platforms I’m advertising in.

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Creating a Solid LinkedIn Advertising Strategy

If you are looking for a killer LinkedIn strategy then look no further. This is most likely the best LinkedIn Ad strategy available, particularly because it was originally developed by AJ Wilcox, the pioneer of LinkedIn advertising. Everything worthwhile that I’ve learned about LinkedIn ads has come from him, and our implementation of his strategies has brought some spectacular results. I will walk you through a simplified strategy development and implementation of the best LinkedIn campaigns you will ever set eyes on.

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How to Increase your Shopping Campaigns' ROAS Overnight

Your first attempt at tackling a shopping campaign may have you thinking, “This is too easy!” After all, compared to certain other campaigns everything seems pretty straightforward—subdivide your categories, optimize your bids, and presto! You’re set.

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