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3 Quick and Easy Ways to Narrow Down Your Keyword Research

Much has been written about how to find extensive amounts of high quality keywords for enriching one's site ranking visibility. Many experts have found ways to generate and multiply keyword ideas through tools like Ahrefs, competitive analysis, Adwords Keyword Planner, Google Search Console’s ranking report, and even Google’s autocomplete suggestions. The keyword ideas and possibilities are endless.

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Tips for Auditing Your Company's Wikipedia Content

When helping clients with their online reputation, Wikipedia is often a top concern. Wikipedia results show up on the first page of Google in 46% percent of searches, which means that Google takes Wikipedia very seriously as a resource. Thus, a negative, incorrect, or misleading company page on Wikipedia would be dangerous to ignore should a company wish to maintain a positive online reputation.

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97th Floor and the NBA's Greatest: 4 Elements of a Magic Team

Once every few decades there is a team: a team so enviable in its greatness that you can’t help but feel magic every time you glimpse at them. In the NBA, you might remember teams like the ’14-’15 Golden State Warriors, the ‘95-’96 Chicago Bulls, and the ‘85-’86 Boston Celtics. Breaking down why these teams are so great is something people rarely do, but only by breaking down the “why” are we able to recreate a magic team in any environment.

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