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Why 97th Floor Has a Book Club, and Your Company Should Too

Reading is a wonderful thing. It puts new ideas into your brain. It fosters creativity, new concepts and learning. It has taken me to some amazing places over the past few months. I have walked with Phil Knight around the world and into Japan to get a manufacturer for his future Nike shoes. I spent time with Ed Catmull at the Pixar campus learning how to overcome obstacles that stifle creativity. I won’t soon forget the lessons of extreme ownership from the streets of IRAQ with Navy SEAL officers Leif Babin and Jocko Willink. I took these journeys and many more with the 97th Floor book club.

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Making the Most of Mobile

How many people do you know that don’t use a computer? You may be sitting in your office, looking around at your co-workers and thinking everyone uses a computer! Think a little harder though about your grandmother, wife or teenage son and how they access information today. Do they watch funny videos, read ebooks or shop on Amazon? Those that use the internet mostly for social media, shopping and entertainment are able to access all they need on a phone or tablet. That means that a large chunk of people visiting your site will never see the full desktop version. In fact, if your business is B2C in any way it is likely going to be viewed by a mobile audience even more than on a large monitor.

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