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How to Bury Ripoff Report in 6 Months or Less


Nothing is worse than having a disgruntled customer. Bad business exchanges happen, but just because they happen doesn’t mean that anyone is necessarily at fault. Murphy’s law seems to come into full force and things start to fall apart. For example, your key employee sleeps in late causing mayhem in your business. You as the business owner are then left to extinguish the fires, appease customers and pull things back together. As the dust settles, you notice there is a negative listing showing up when people Google your business’ name. That darn listing is a result of the tornado that ripped through your business a month ago. What do you do?

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What is TF-IDF?

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Where to Begin with SEO

I am asked two different questions related to digital marketing far more often than every other. The first is “How do I get into digital marketing?” and the second is “How do I begin to market my business online?” Both questions are essentially the same. The person needs to know where to begin in the digital marketing industry. I’ve taught many people digital marketing, both as a leader and trainer at 97th Floor as well as in formal classroom settings. From these experiences and over time, I’ve collected a lot of guides that will break you into the SEO industry despite what your end goal is. Instead of writing out another post on a topic that has probably been already covered in length, I want to provide you with some of the best articles on a given subject. The resources below are segmented by topic to help you begin learning regardless of where you are on your SEO journey. Not everyone reading this post will be at the same skill level either. Some sections will apply to you and some will be yesterday’s news. Feel free to jump around in this guide and skip to the segments that you find value in.

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Why WeWork's Content Marketing Outlook is Incredible

WeWork. You may have heard of it. If not, you need to crawl out of the rock you are living under and get some fresh air. WeWork is the innovative shared workspace provider for entrepreneurs, startups, and freelancers. Simply put, if you need a workspace, WeWork has you covered. For a minimal monthly fee, you can get a desk at one of WeWork’s many physical offices. They are incredible offices as well. See for yourself:

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Chiropractic Marketing: How to Grow Your Practice

What You Need to Know About Chiropractic Marketing

So you've launched your practice and now you need to get new patients. Or maybe you've been practicing for a while but would like to scale your practice to new heights. Regardless of the circumstance, there are some bulletproof strategies to get people in your doors. Below I've distilled some of the chiropractic marketing tactics and techniques you should be looking into in order to market your chiropractic practice.

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