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“Data Driven” is a Cop-Out: Why Spreadsheets Shouldn’t Dictate Strategy

At 97th Floor we love to talk shop. We also love to talk about pop culture, and you better believe that television tropes are frequent points of discussion. You may have heard of the classic trope known as, A.I. is a crapshoot. It’s the scenario where a supposed perfectly created artificial intelligence rises up, and ultimately leads to humanity's demise — or at the very least ruins someone’s day.

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How to Rank for Smoked Pork Butt

I’ve wanted to do this for a long time. What you’re reading is an experiment and the result of an experiment.

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How Clay Christensen's Jobs to be Done Theory Works in an Agency

“If you don’t have A.D.D. before working at an agency, you will after.”

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The Time David, Dharmesh, and Rand Made Me Pause and Reflect at INBOUND 2017

INBOUND 2017 is over. This year was the most widely attended INBOUND by 97th Floor with 13 of us making the trek. I can now definitively say, more really is merrier.

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Email Marketing Metrics You Need To Track (and Which You Can Settle Down About)

Despite the onslaught of spammers and irresponsible marketers, email marketing is here to stay. The ROI is insanely high. In fact, recent research suggests that the average return on email marketing is $44 for every $1 spent. Not to mention the flood of data regarding email marketing out there, there's no excuse to avoid email marketing.

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