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I Hate My Job - 3 Reasons I Quit My Job and Started at 97th Floor

I hate my job.

A sentence I thought I would never mutter. My overall optimistic, go-get’em attitude had always been one of my greatest strengths. Yet, after only six months, I was dreading going into work every day. But this was part of being and adult. To get ahead in my career I had to put in the drudge work, right? I’d have to put in the long hours in a job that I didn’t like, but that would look good on my résumé. I could just push through it and years down the road it would be worth it.

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Is Content Still King? How to Create a Slick Content Strategy in 2018

Bill Gates once famously said, “Content is king.” That was in 1996. How long ago was that? In 1996 the Dallas Cowboys were Superbowl champions, a fairly unknown lady named Oprah started her bookclub, and the first Mission: Impossible movie had just hit theaters. Fast forward almost 20 years and five Mission: Impossibles later (counting the upcoming Mission: Impossible — Fallout), and even though Tom Cruise is still doing his own stunts, most other things have changed since then, especially in the world of content.

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3 Tips for Developing New Content When You’ve Hit a Creative Wall

Working in the digital marketing world, we have all had those moments where we hit a creative wall. You want to create innovative and engaging content, but you’ve been pumping out infographics, blog posts, and all other types of content for the same product for months, and you’ve finally hit your breaking point. Sound familiar? If you haven’t had this happen to you, let me know your secret, but for everyone else I have put together three tips to help get you out of your creative rut and reinvigorate your content marketing campaigns.

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