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The Pixar Theory - Interactive Graphic

We loved Jon Negroni's theory on how all the Pixar movies are connected. The images, in particular, are what stood out the most. Visual content is our specialty, so we put our talents into taking Jon's theory into an interactive graphic. We cut the scenes up and loaded them up into Slideshare for easy viewing.

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Announcing the Return of "Viral Marketing Friday" with a Name-Twist

We're very excited to announce the return of one of our favorite segments we used to do here! Viral Marketing Friday is back and now known as Content Marketing Friday, where we'll be taking suggestions from our readers on boring and overdone topics and turning them into killer, useable ideas.

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The Easter Mafia Infographic

At 97th Floor, we love to get creative. If you take a look at our infographics, you'll see we don't settle for the average design or idea. This one is no different. We wanted to give you a glimpse at what really goes on during Easter. Look past the colored eggs, the weird baskets, and the peeps. We're waiting to hear back from Martin Scorsese on the film adaptation.

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