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What Are Millennials Expectations From Work? Not What You Think

Depending on who you ask (or which result you click in Google), the years of birth to be considered a Millennial range somewhere between 1980 and 2000. So being a proud 1986er myself, I’m perfectly qualified to chime in on what Millennials expect from work.

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Why We Don't Have a Ping Pong Table in Our Office

Last year we were featured on Inc. Magazine’s first ever 50 Best Workplaces list (we recently found out that we made it onto this year's list too), and to celebrate the news, we put up a billboard near our office. Observe:

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ROWE and the Traditional 9–5 Workplace: Not as Mutually Exclusive as You Might Think

If you’re familiar with 97th Floor, you know that we practice an HR management strategy called ROWE, which stands for Results Only Work Environment. In fact, this month marks two years since we officially became a ROWE Certified Organization. While ROWE isn’t all that our culture is, it definitely is the first aspect of our culture that people think of.

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Maintaining a Vibrant Company Culture: Why You Should Hire, Promote, and Terminate Based on Values

Do as I say, not as I do. While there are instances where this saying works, it unfortunately doesn’t work for leaders in a company. It would be really easy to create an amazing company culture if all you had to do was paint a few great values on the wall at the entrance of the office. It sounds ridiculous when you think about it like that, but the crazy thing is that most companies do that and think it will work. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying your company’s culture sucks if it has inspiring values plastered on the walls. What I am saying is that merely  having those words on the wall doesn’t necessarily result in a vibrant culture. It’s a nice reminder of what your company aspires to be and that’s it. Your true company culture is found in what you do, not what you say on your walls.

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Culture Shock: How Company Culture Is the Primary Force in Determining Brand Strength

Back in 2012, we did things very differently at 97th Floor. One aspect of our company was that we used to have the team come in at 8:00am on the dot and make them leave at 5:00pm. They had some flexibility of course…they could take a 30 minute lunch or a one hour lunch! I vividly remember lecturing one particular team member that he had to take at least a 30 minute lunch.

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