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Basic Functions of a Website Builder

Its been a while since I posted, but the last 96 hours I was on the road for 36 of them.  So thats my excuse.  I was going over something with a client this morning, and it was something that struck my so silly that I wanted to post about it.

We were talking about the basic functions of a website builder/host/template etc., and the question was actually posed by the owners of this website builder (to my client) if my client wanted it to be "search engine friendly".  Are you kidding me?  Is there even a need to ask that anymore?  There was so many other functions that were not included it was ridiculas!

This will make my client strike up an interesting conversation she is going to have with the owners of this website builder.  She (as I) wants to know why some of the "upgrades" to this builder (including SEF environment) are not just standard functions across the board.

I actually know why.  It is their way of nickel and diming their customers and its so annoying.  This client of mine was lost and didn't know where to even begin when it came to answering some of the questions.  There are enough free places out there to get hosting space if you want something basic (family website, place to share photos etc) but other then that people are doing business online, and every e-com hosting package sold should, at the very least, include a search engine friendly envioronment.

Done with my rant for today, but I feel better now!

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