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Blogging Power

I have been working really hard with an (SEO) client of mine that has been doing just about everything that I have told him to do - perfectly and is seeing massive results and ROI.  (mostly return on his investment to me)  But something that I wanted to point out from our conversations that (to me) is amazing is what he has said about the power his blog is having on his conversion rate.

When he first started getting into blogging he was not doing it faithfully.  Maybe a post here one week and a post the next - they were really good posts, (don't get me wrong) but it just was not consistent.  Once I was able to get him in the mindset of blogging (at least) once a day things have really started cranking for him in the form of sales and conversion.

He mostly deals with higher end sales where people he is closing down are spending anywhere from 2k - 14k on the spot for his services.  He is a slick dude that can talk to the best of them, but what he has told me about his blog and closing these people down is amazing!  Every single person he has closed down has told him that they have read his blog from first post to last and gained a trust in him that he knew what he was doing and talking about and were ready to sign on the dotted line before he even talked to them.  Now that is power!

I love blogging and have people do it often times for marketing purposes and search engine optimization/content etc, but this is evidence of helping conversion rates be higher simple because of a good blog with amazing content!

The point here is to not just blog for the search engines, but to blog for adding value to your website as well as content for the readers and potential readers and sales you could be getting.  Also, making your blog easy (not so much writing for the search engines) to read, and blogging often will get people back to your site.  I have found through analytics programs that it takes an average of people to visit your site 7 times before they will purchase anything from you.  So blogging gives people a good reason to visit your site and build trust.

If you have a hosting account that allows database creation, and are good with open source software you can download free blogging software at WordPress.  If you are not so good with that hosting stuff, then you can get a free blogging account at www.blogger.com or www.wordpress.com (yes different then the above wordpress)  So, even if you have to use a free blogging software I would suggest you link to your new blog right on the home page of your website, and include it in the navigation somewhere so it can be found easily by all your visitors.

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