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Building a Reputation People Can Trust.

Building a name and reputation has been something on my mind a lot lately.  I am not the best writer in the world (no surprise to my readers) but I do my best to provide the most up to date (or cool) information (in the search world) I possibly can, and I think that is what brings people back to this blog.

I am a very busy person (besides this blog I consult and run several Internet businesses), and am not always able to update this blog as often as I like.  However, I think if I update it, or bring something new to the table a few times a week, I will keep the readers coming back.  That is important when it comes to building up your trust.  I let people know that I am a real human, and that I can be trusted through my posts and the information I provide.  I think about the blogs that I know about related to SEO, and then the ones that I actually go back to because of consistency.  Aaron Wall is the man when it comes to this, because no matter what day, or time of the year, I know that I can go to his blog and find out something cool, or something that I did not know about the search world.

On the contrast to that, I have come across a ton of cool sites that have great information, but have lacked any personal touch.  No pictures, no about information - in my opinion, no personal reputation (connection) has been established with me or other readers.  Good luck getting people to trust you if they don't know you!

I think if you are going to be establishing yourself (reputation) in social communities like My Blog Log (for example) people want to know that you are real, and can be trusted in order for them to add you, or come back to your site/blog.  I often use funny pictures of myself because I want people to know that I am real and generally a fun person.   I also like adding pictures of where I have been, what conferences I have been to, and who I have met (simply because I think its cool). I guess what I am trying to say is it's kinda like when you go to these big seminars (does not have to be an "seo" one) and millionaires are fighting over the free t-shirts.  There is a reason for that.  If you have not experienced it then you just will not understand.

When you can connect with your readers, that is when I think it's on and your true success (reputation) will shine!

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