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Bush - no longer a miserable failure (at least where Google s concerned)

The topic of Googlebombing or Googlewashing is a topic that I have been using as an example forever (it seems) to illustrate anchor text, backlinks and many other reasons (gray,white or blackhat seo - or whatever), but it seems now, its no more.

Thats right, if you go to Google and type in "failure" (or "miserable failure") you will no longer get the George W. bio page ... or a few others like Jimmy Carter. However, you will still see Michael Moore on the first page. Makes me wonder if the White House (Bush Administration) finally got to Google. "Take us off, but we don't mind if you leave Michael Moore, because we don't really think highly of him (or that movie he made) anyway". If it makes me wonder, its gotta be making others wonder!

I was really curious how this "Googlebombing technique" with the George W. Bush bio page lasted so long anyway. With all the talk of spamming the search engines with buying links, black/gray hat seo, or hate bait linking you would think they would have put a stop to it along time ago. Of course, they are Google and do no evil.

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