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Content Marketing Friday: Hooking Boring Industries Up with Viral Bling!

Welcome to the return of 97th Floor's Content Fridays! If you haven't met me yet, my name is Colby Almond and I like to think of myself as a ninja when it comes to turning boring things into traffic.

If you work in a "boring" industry and use that as an excuse for not marketing yourself on Pinterest or social networks, then the only person at fault is yourself. With a little creativity and "getting weird" with your products, it's possible to turn any yawn-inducing industry into the talk of the social networks.

To prove this point, at the beginning of writing this article I spent 5 minutes making the piece of content I'll be talking about today. At the end of the article, I'll post the analytics.

After the barrage of tweet and messages  of people asking for help in their industry, I looked into all of them and chose the one that I completely didn't understand and I think is boring. My choice: Architecture.

I'll admit my decision was a little biased seeing as the only architect I really know is Ted Mosby, however, it's just not the type of content that you see every day on the social networks. That's why I took it upon myself to make something involving this industry go viral in a 30 minute time frame. No offense to any of the architects out there that might be reading this, but Ted Mosby is boring. So boring.

So let's take a look inside the architecture industry . . . there are buildings, creative design, history and all sorts of magnificent things that could be used for infographics. An infographic outlining the history of the NYC skyline would be magnificent.  However, I only have 30 minutes so none of this will work. I do however, have a set routine I always use when brainstorming content.

The Demographics

Today I'm going to focus on the Pinterest demographic because it's honestly the social network that I know the best. In Pinterest we have to think about several things such as:

  • Creativity
  • Good design and colors
  • Appeal to share
  • Not boring
Making architecture exciting is something that took a bit of research, however, after some quick googling I was able to find something that the Pinterest community and architectures both find exciting: MALL BLUEPRINTS!
Being that around 80% of Pinterest users are females and they post products nonstop, I can safely assume that they would be interested in anything involving the mall. And since malls have to be built, I'm sure a guy like Ted Mosby would find the blueprints exciting.

The Plan

Awesome! I have the first part of my graphic in the mall blueprint. Now what to do with it in only 5 minutes? Whatever I do with it, I know I will not have time to research for an info or instructographic. So I'll use a little cheap trick and invoke one feeling that's common throughout both sexes: competition.

Since the beginning of time, men and women have had their differences. And nothing is more different than the shopping habits of men and women while at the mall. For me it's a quick trip to get what I need, a trip to Brookstone to sit in the chairs, food court, and out. For my mom and girlfriend, however, it's a maze of stores walking and more stores. I might be overgeneralizing here, but 99% of the time my girlfriend says "I need a shirt" that's never the case.

So what's the overall point? Both sexes will either agree or disagree with the graphic. Whether they like it or not, even people arguing will still drive traffic to the site.

So after 5 simple minutes in Photoshop I created the following graphic based on accurate data gathered from my last mall excursion and using the blueprint from the actual mall I visited:

men vs women instructographic

As I said at the beginning of this article, I submitted it to the social networks once I began writing. It's been 30 minutes now, so my time is up. How did the blueprint of the mall workout?


501 page views in 30 minutes for only 5 minutes of work. Not bad if you ask me.

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