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Converting Visitors into Buyers

According to Shop.org the average conversion rate for websites is 1.8%. Do you even know the conversion rate of your website? Don't feel bad if you do not know, because you are not unique. Most internet business owners (sadly) do not know what their conversion rate is. Why is it important to know? Imagine if you could find a way to increase the people that convert on your website from 1 percent to even 2 percent. You just doubled your money. Do I have your attention now?

4 main ways to better conversion:

  1. Prepare your site.
  2. Target your traffic
  3. Track Conversion
  4. Fix your shopping cart.

Prepare your site: Compare your site to the industry leaders, and don't be too proud to make changes. You do not need to copy (I am not saying that) but see what they are doing that is good and, see what they are doing that is bad. Make the proper changes to your site to accommodate.

Target your traffic: Where are your people coming from? Do you have a local office? Could you ad any local search to your game plan? When people click on a certain product are they taken to that product? Make sure the navigation is functional on your website.

Track Conversion: If you do not have any kind of analytics software on your website then get some. A great free resource is Google Analytics. Remember you should know what your conversion rate is so you can always work on making it better. You want to know if for every 200 visitors you pay for (or get free) how many are actually buying.

Fix your Shopping Cart: Navigation is key to conversion. Follow the 3 click rule. If it takes a web browser more than 3 clicks to get to the product you will probably lose them (80% of people drop off if they have to click more then 3 times). Don't confuse people with an un-functional shopping cart that throws so much stuff at you when you go to check out that you get confused.

Just follow these simple rules and you will see your conversion rate (once you know what it is) go up. Remember, good layout, clear purpose, limited options, self identity and a search function are all ares that any good website needs to have.

Never be satisfied with your conversion rate- TEST - ANALYZE - ADJUST

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