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Cyfe: Monitor Your Business's Every Move

Recently I was seeking for ways to stay more organized when it comes to helping my clients take advantage of every online opportunity. We all know the important things that we should be checking to make sure our websites stay on top of the game. We need to keep an eye on important areas such as Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools, latest brand mentions, social mentions, etc. Even with just one website to manage, checking all of those sources individually can be time consuming. If you work for an agency and handle multiple clients, you can imagine the time that would take to check these everyday.

In my quest to find a solution I stumbled upon an awesome tool called Cyfe, an online dashboard for your business. This tool allows you to build a dashboard for your business and monitor how it's doing on the web. The free version only allows you to use a few widgets on your dashboard but it's enough for you to see that it's a great investment for your business. For only $14/month it gives you the premium account which lets you create unlimited amounts of dashboards with an unlimited amount of widgets. If you are familiar with other expensive business dashboards you'll know that price is a steal.


So how exactly can Cyfe help make your job easier? Rather than logging into various websites every morning to see how your business is doing, you are able to create a customized dashboard with the information you care about. I am able to log in every morning and get an overview of the following:

    • Google Analytics - It's great to get a quick overview to see if there are any spikes or dips in traffic I should be aware about.
    • Google Webmasters - I can see if there are any important messages waiting for me without ever having to log in to Webmasters.
    • Custom Google Alerts - Set up widgets to show you anytime certain keywords or brands (including yours) are mentioned.
    • Social Metrics - See what the latest buzz is on your social networks and keep an eye on your social stats.
    • Twitter/Google+ Searches - This is great to find certain posts with keywords you care about. Imagine if someone complained about your company on Twitter but never tagged you? You'll be able to catch those tweets without ever having to go to Twitter and fix the situation immediately.

There are of course many more widgets that you can add, including importing data from your Google Doc's straight to your dashboard. If you find yourself having to manage multiple websites then I highly recommend using a tool like Cyfe. Having all of your important information in one place will allow you to spend less time time digging and more time improving.

Brandon Stauffer

Brandon is an Enterprise Marketer, overseeing the research, strategy, and implementation of marketing tactics for enterprise-level clients.

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