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Deep Linking Missed Opportunities

As I was doing some work for a client (late) last night it got me thinking about some opportunities I see a lot of internet business owners and even (so called) SEO professionals missing out on when it comes to deep linking.

It does not matter if the place you are going to be deep linking from is a directory, article submission site, press, (friends site etc) What matters is what you do with the names you link with, and the pages you link to on your site.

A huge area I see a lot missing out on is deep linking to their html sitemap page. Talk about a perfect page to help the spiders find all the pages your website has. Most don't want to "waste" the opportunity to anchor up a phrase etc, but taking advantage of deep linking to your html sitemap will do 10 times more than just an anchor link. I have done enough case studies on this to see it work well.

A useful tip about the html sitemap page is to not have more than 200(ish) links on it. If you find yourself with a huge site and massive links, then start to categorize your sitemap links into separate sitemap html pages and title them accordingly. Doing this is going to make your sitemap pages more friendly and not set off any flags of spam-ish behavior.

I know that some webmasters use template building systems that do not allow them to upload a Google sitemap so this would be a great opportunity to do things as correct as possible to help you out as much as possible.

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