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[Webinar] Do This, Not That: Design for Non-Designers

Design is hard. Even simple design and especially if you have no idea how to make what you have in your head a reality, or if what you do have feels off, not knowing how to pinpoint exactly what isn’t working. In this webinar we break down what to do and maybe even more helpful what not to do in terms of getting good design every time. Taught by Senior Enterprise Designer Maggie Call.

[0:58] Who we work with

[1:20] What we do

[1:40] What is it...

[2:40] What it's not...

[2:58] Think strategies, not specifics.

[3:33] All about expert Maggie Call

[6:15] Rules of design

[6:24] Font weights and families

[9:34] The 2x rule

[14:45] Design scale

[22:00] Design hierarchy

[25:45] Using colors in design

[36:07] Having a minimalist mindset

[45:58] Put to good use & three examples

[56:10] Q&A

What if I get stuck, I don’t feel like I’m getting anywhere with a design or I just don’t like what I make?

[58:43] Questions, comments, concerns? Hit us up at up@97thfloor.com.

Shante Schroeder

Shante is the Director of Marketing & Communications at 97th Floor.

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