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Digg Spam

Ok now when I first got started with using Digg and the community it has I was  not the best user.  I Dugg my own stories and really did not have an idea of how it worked (like I have said many times before SHAME on the so called "gurus of SES NYC 06 teaching me how to use these communities wrong).  As time went on and I got yelled at by users for Digg Spam I learned my lessons and also learned how really powerful this community is.  I know why people spam it, cause even so you will get a ton of traffic.  I am not saying its ok to Spam them, in fact this blog is going to say just the opposite, I am just saying I understand why people do it.  (traffic is amazing)

The reason I write this post is because I am amazed at the way people are making money online (and I have been making money online for the last 9 years) so thats saying something. 

Here is why I am amazed:  I was in some forums the other day and found some people offering services to "digg your stories" for a small fee.  (normally a buck)  Not bad, but the more I thought of this, the more I felt the creators, and real users of Digg probably cringe at the thought of this.  If they wanted people that could afford to get to the top they would just use the regular search engines.  Digg has a good reputation of getting the good stories to the top by user recommendation, and not puffed up results, or the results of a big marketing budget. 

So, if people are starting to get paid to "digg stories" don't you think that is a form of spam?

Here is an idea, WRITE A STORY OR ARTICLE WORTH DIGGING!!  If you have a blog and have some followers, make it easy for them to digg your stories.  After each article put a link like so:  Did you like this story?  Digg it and share with others. A lot of blog softwares out there have plug-ins for social bookmarking as well that can make it easier.  If you are providing readers with quality info they will share with others.  That is how Digg and other communities like it have thrived and done so well lately.  We don't want the crap results we get from most search engines.  We want whats most recommended or in this case "dugg" and that helps us avoid spam.  And any time we can avoid spam that makes for a happier day!

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