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Downside to being an “authority”?

Sometimes I wonder if all the hard work to become an "authority" in a certain fields is worth the effort. Especially when you become a target of a negative campaign. I really don't get it, and why people would do this to someone that has only brought great information to the table.

Anyone that reads this blog knows that I hold Jim Boykin in the highest of regards and think is flat out the "jedi master ninja" when it comes to link building and link authority information. Earlier this week Jim posted about a smear campaign against him, and it really got me thinking about the downsides to really becoming an "authority". So why would someone want to trash his name? Is it link baiting with bad ethics? In his post he talks about not being able to please everyone all the time and I totally agree, but why smear a good name because you don't agree? Aaron Wall has posted before about critics of his spelling abilities, and more recently about ego's, and had this to say about this attack on Jim:

Everyone is a minority with a broken ego and wants to feel important. No matter what you do people will hate you. Some idiot recently started leaving racist comments under Jim Boykin's name.

I guess that is my answer. No matter what you do, people will always hate you. It does make you wonder if the benefits outweigh the cost. I think they do, and the number of these idiots out there are small compared to the number of people you are helping, and the "real authority" that you are building for yourself.

Why do a lot of "guru's" in the "SEO community" link back to one another, and talk about each other, and write about what each other are talking about? Because there is respect there for what each individual has accomplished. It got me thinking about the post Chris Bennett did yesterday talking about "What do Faegre & Benson & The National Pork Council have to do with Breasts?" He read about it on Marketing Pilgrim, then was lead to Shoemoney whose story on it has been dugg almost 600 times (as of the time of this post). Everyone was going back and forth and helping each other get the "word out".

Again, I think the good outweighs the bad in terms of being an "authority" or not. I had to chime my two cents, and just send out a big "shout out" and "Thanks" to Jim Boykin for doing what he does and providing the "kick a" link building information that he does!

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