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Finding a “niche”

Most of the time I catch myself telling my clients, "You need to do a better job finding a niche" but what really does that mean? Also, do they really understand what I am telling them. Lately I have not felt like most have been getting it.

Let me explain. Here is an example of what a client would tell me if they have not researched out a niche:

"I want to sell electronics on my website."

Compare that with:

"Through proper keyword research and analysis (based on numbers from the search engines) I have decided to sell underwater digital cameras and accessories that go along with them."

See the difference?

They are both wanting to sell electronics, but one has a specific audience and market and the other is going up against best buy and other major electronic stores (and shooting themselves in the foot) before they even begin. Another common question I get is: "Why would I just want to sell one product?" If you are selling underwater digital cameras instead of "electronics" you are not just going to be selling ONE product. You have all the different brands, accessories and underwater goods that go along. I am not saying just sell ONE type of underwater digital camera on your site. There is a big difference.

Most of the time when working with brand new clients it takes a while to understand the concept of a good niche. There is a lot of misleading software out there as well that lead you away from really good niches. I say through proper keyword research and analysis - based on numbers that people are searching for (any keyword selector tool) as well as how many websites you are going up against (example in Google type: allintitle:keyword in the Google search) this is really the only "software" or tool you need....and common sense I guess. That is where the biggest problem comes I figure!

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