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Flaming Aaron Wall might get you a reputation management problem

I was going through the normal rss reading today and Gray Wolf mentioned a post by Aaron Wall today responding to a recent flame from this guy James Timothy of Nerdville. This guy posted about his recent purchase of the SEO Book and how he was disappointed and so on, you can read the rest of the post yourself at seo book.

Whether you like Aaron's Book or not you may wan't to realize that he has one of the biggest audiences in the seo industry (his site ranks for just about every seo word and he owns thread watch). If you go flaming him then copy his about us page almost to the "T" on your about us page (read the post it is a joke) and he decides to call you out you may have a serious reputation management problem on your hands.

If you do a search for nerdville you will see this guys blog is number 2. If you do the search James Timothy Nerdville he is number one and number 2. Now this is hours after the post on seo book and wolf howl so this hasn't been indexed yet in google on either of those blogs. But I guarantee by tomorrow or the next day both these post will be indexed and you may see this title "James Timothy's Nerdville.net - When Someone is a Jerk..." in the top ten. In fact I would bet on it.

If you go to this guys site it has little to no pr, 585 backlinks according to yahoo and a canonical problem as the non www is the one ranking but most of the back links are going to the www. And I am supposed to trust this guy on internet marketing?

Anyways here is what is going to happen Aaron Wall's site has way more authority the Title of the post has the guys name and site in it coupled with the word Jerk, this is also in the url and you got guys like Gray Wolf linking to the page with the guys name as the anchor text. SEO Book is going to rank for all this guys brand variations and it will most likely rank even higher than this guys blog. Like magic you will have an instant rep management problem. Have fun pushing Aarons site down past the top ten. He started out trying to flame and hurt Aarons Brand but it is coming back to bite him.
Of course this doesn't really matter in this guys case cause I doubt he has anyone searching for his name or brand by the looks of his blog.

I will be watching the serps and post an update.

Chris Bennett

Chris Bennett is the Founder and CEO of 97th Floor.

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