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Get Rid of your links and rank number 1?

There has been talk lately of just how important that number one spot is compared to the remaining 9. MSN just did some eye tracking and it solidified the old golden triangle eye tracking results. I am always testing, we own and run many sites outside of our clients for income and testing and I am a link whore. I love links I will take links from anyone I can get them. However I have been testing somethings lately that I used to test a lot more. I have been cutting the link fat and testing the results to my sites by removing links. Most SEO's would never utter the words "remove my links" but I have been testing some things and have found that there are links that definitely will help your rankings by removing them.

Im not talking about removing junky reciprocals I am talking about removing one ways, maybe it is a site that has added adult or gambling links to questionable sites since adding yours. Maybe it is a sitewide on a 50,000 indexed page site that you should of never bought from digital point. Or more advanced seo's may tell you it has something to do with your link neighborhood. Either way your next strategy to shoot yourself to the number one spot maybe to remove links instead of get them.

Disclaimer* Don't go thinking you bought some link from TLA or TLB or someone else and the next day when you got the order confirmation and it just so happened that your rankings were jacked that google is penalizing you for a paid link. Links can take a while to give full effect. Im not talking about stressing out about a link from Topix or Info Please from a text broker Im talking about huge site wides, bad link neighborhoods, and sites linking to you and some adult video king.

Either way are you watching your links like a hawk? Are you paying attention to the other sites being linked to on that page you were so stoked about 4 months ago? Even if your rankings aren't hurt by having questionable sites next to you in your link profile wouldn't you hate for a competitor or researcher see those links next to yours on a certain page? Or maybe you get the link on a page linking out to a million gambling sites and wait til your competitor gets it too then you remove yours :)

Links are still the reason for the Trust (rank) and you should be monitoring them like a mad man.

Chris Bennett

Chris Bennett is the Founder and CEO of 97th Floor.

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