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Good Content for Optimization

Question: I have a retail e-commerce site and its not easy to come up with good "unique" content I always hear you "SEO" people talk about; Do you have any ideas or suggestions?

This is one of the biggest area of hardships most retail e-commerce websites face. You have product you want to sell and the product will probably sell itself if you can just get people to the site. You want to keep your site clean, and user friendly and then there is the "SEO" guy telling you that you need more unique content.

Here are some ideas:

1. Re-Write Product Descriptions: One thing that anyone can do with little effort is re-write descriptions that you get from a manufacturer or drop-shipper. Most companies use someone that provides them their product and images/catalog online. If this is the case don't do a copy and paste of the product descriptions make sure you change it up. Think about it...you are probably not the only one using this supplier and anyone who is using them has the chance of using the exact same content as you in describing the product. This is where you can get into duplicate content issues as well if you are trying to have as perfect of an SEO friendly site as possible. Most companies that are using an SEO firm probably are familiar with what their keywords are (if not then drop your SEO Company and RUN) So my suggestion is this: with those keywords make sure the product descriptions are full of these good keywords that your website is going after. Even something this simple could mean all the difference in the SEM (Search Engine Marketing) world..
2. Product Review--Lets say that you have a site selling DVD Players. One of the first thing that most people looking to buy electronics looks for is a review of that product compared to others like it. You can create a "price comparison page or a product review page. You can find this information anywhere and just make it your own and provide that as content on your site. Again remember to use those keywords as well on these type of pages.
3. Create a Frequently Asked Question Page. This is a great area to add multiple pages to your website as well as use really good keywords and create unique never before read content.
4. Create a Blog and let others create your content for you! You can post questions, talk about products, ask for feedback...its limitless if you really think about it.
5. Create a testimonials page In doing this you can maybe sway a would-be buyer into taking a closer look at a product that he/she is thinking about buying based on someone else's experience with it. This is also a great way to keep adding content to your site as well as providing a service for your customers.

As you can see there are many ways to create good unique content, but the biggest key is to be creative. Think about what you like to see on websites and the content that you read. If you can master this area of "content" you are well on your way to achieving better SEO on your site!

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