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Good Content + Good Information + Good Customer Service = A website that converts and actually makes money.

Something I have been thinking about for a long time came about in a conversation I had with a relative from my wife's side during Easter Dinner this afternoon.  It hit me so strong I had to come and write about it.

As I always do,  I have to explain to every relative (at every get together) what an SEO is and what exactly I DO for a living.  Well the comment was made today about good customer service being the key on websites, and it made me think.  The exact comment was, "No matter what kind of rankings you have, you can be on top of Google for all your major words, but if you don't have good customer service people will figure it out and your website will not make it very long."  This is absolutely correct.  I recently sold a product off one of my sites to a friend of my brother.  My brother had told me that his friend experienced such good customer service through the whole process of buying online that he is going to refer us to as many people as he knows.  (He also made the comment we had better customer service, and follow up then his company--which is a major company compared to mine.)  This will get me more traffic than the search engines could ever provide as well as a more solid lead ready to give me money.

BUT,  if I had not gone through the process of setting up a website that converts (an SEO friendly one) as well as an easy site that customers could easily browse through then I would not have that happy customer that will "refer as many people as he can to me."

So, Good content, good information, good customer service is not all about SEO, but going back to the comment earlier its an essential key into having a successful online business.  Think about it.  Why do people use search engines?  For information.  If you provide the right information they will come to you (and come back to you) and be a loyal customer for life.  Even if they can only buy one thing from you every 10 years, think about the people they can refer to you!

Its kinda funny how this all ties in together (maybe it does not and I am to tired-long day here with the family)  so keep all this in mind when running an internet business.  If it needs to be revamped then revamp it.  If you are doing somethings correct and others wrong then its not to late to fix it, just do it.  

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