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Google Adsense vs Yahoo! Publisher Ads

What are your thoughts on Google Adsense, or Yahoo! Publisher Ads type websites? 

As you can clearly see on this site I use Yahoo! Publisher Ads to supplement my income.  With that said lets get into it: 

I have given my thoughts on this before, but so many people have been asking me this week about the difference (and my feelings about the both of them) that I want to post about it again.  I would love to hear feedback from any one else with other ideas as well.  Also I have been thinking a lot about spam-sense sites, and sites full of spammy ads similar to Yahoo! and Google and dig into that topic a bit.

I currently use both Google Adsense, AND Yahoo! Publisher Ads to make money.  I seem to be making more with the Yahoo! Ads.  I started off making so much money with google that I wrote an ebook on it.  I love Google, but have a few issues with the customer service of the Google Adsense team.  Let me explain ... (again)  I have read so many blogs about people making money with Google Adsense and hear the same thing over and over.  If you get banned for whatever reason, no matter your fault or not...good luck getting approved again.  I have no problem with those that are abusing getting banned, but those that are not abusing, and are victims of click fraud (no matter the side) need to have their day in court (so to speak)  Google needs to get their act together and do a better job at listening to people and what has happened.   I have use Yahoo! Ads for almost a year and have heard from my Yahoo! rep more then 6 times (and I did not even have a problem!)  Talk about great customer service!

One problem that most people seem to have with the Yahoo! Publisher Ads is that they will not allow international clicks during their beta.  I can understand that, but what is the site to do that has a lot of international traffic?  I get lots of international traffic (natural, non ppc) and it has not seemed to affect my standings with the program.

No matter what program you use I hate sites that are made for no other reason than to get clicks.  No content, no value, a worthless site with some ads that pay money.  I hate that and that is a spam-sense site in my opinion.  The sites that offer content and value yet promoting these ads to earn extra cash flow I got no problem with (I do it on this site)  Some good examples of sites that provide useful information while promoting ads can be found here:

There are many to list, but just to get a good idea of what a useful site making money with these ads looks likes compared to the Brittney Spears spamer-ific picture/so called info sites with ZERO content or purpose.  The flood of these kind of sites are also crowding up search results and making it harder for the good sites to get the rankings they deserve.  Google is working on an Ask.com type search result that could make it harder for these horrible spam-sensed type sites to survive.  Let's hope Google hurries with that feature, as well as keeps perfecting their search results to eliminate spam in the SERPs.

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