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[Webinar] How to Start Getting the Most Out of Your Google Analytics

Most digital marketers use Google Analytics on a daily basis. Sticking to the basic reporting keeps it manageable at first, but ultimately taking advantage of the full functionality and customizability of Google Analytics will make you more effective and efficient at your job. Monthly and quarterly reports, anyone? Learn some tips and tricks to get the most out of your Google Analytics.

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What You’ll Find in this Webinar:

[0:49] Who we are

[0:55] Who we work with

[1: 03] What we do

[1:20] Advanced Google Analytics - what it is...

[1:45] What it's not...

[2:00] Information on getting a Google Analytics Individual Qualification

[2:50] Think strategies, not specifics.

[4:03] All about expert Christina Sanders

[5:09] Google Analytics - the struggles to use it effectively and other pain points

[5:45] Why marketers need to be comfortable using and reporting on data

[6:54] Views - customizing filters, segments and goals within a view

[9:05] Filters - best practices for limiting or modifying data in a specific view

[11:04] Goals - tracking and setting up goal conversions: user completions of a desired action

[12:36] Start of template overview

[25:31] Analyzing the data: Questions to ask

[26:30] Content groups - how to pull aggregate metrics and measure impact of an overall campaign

[27:30} EXAMPLE: Shutterfly

[31:05] Annotations - keep track of important events; when and where to use them

[32:15] BONUS - Creating and applying shortcuts and dashboards

[34:15] BONUS - Dashboards and dashboard template overview

[35:11] Q&A

[41:18] Next Webinar “Which SEO Metrics Matter and Which Do Not”.

[42:22] Questions, comments, concerns? Hit us up at up@97thfloor.com.

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Shante Schroeder

Shante is the Director of Marketing & Communications at 97th Floor.

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